If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Black and White Photo Challenge

This 7 day photo challenge is going around social media: 7 days, 7 black and white photos of your life. No people, no words, no explanation. Challenge someone new each day.

I was secretly hoping I'd be challenged... And sure enough, one of my best friends in life tagged me.
While I haven't challenged someone new each day, these are my photos WITH an explanation:

Day One, Downtown Sarzana:
I had just been challenged and thought, ooh this will be fun, I love taking photos! Danielle and I set out for our run and immediately, crossing through the square (a surprisingly empty square), I grabbed a quick photo. I think the gloomy day kinda adds to the historical look of this beautifully aged city.

Day Two, Nutella:
You won't find much peanut butter in Italy, but you will find Nutella. By the barrels!! This delicious beauty is Nutella, spread thick for a sweet pizza. These Europeans love their sweets (and mostly for breakfast) spreading pizza, cookies, cakes, fruits, and more with a hazelnut butter of love.

Day Three, Be the Sunflower:
I was inspired to paint this sunflower after finishing Van Gogh's biography. I've always had a thing for this gorgeous flower, with its bright sunshiney color and the way it lifts its head to the sun. I should show you this one in color; I actually did an impressive paint job! She now hangs on my bedroom wall (shown) and reminds me, head up! towards the sun! each and every morning.

Day Four, The Cat's Out of the Bag:
I'm applying for Kona Legacy this year and in order to do so, you must be signed up for a race in 2018. I usually have a destination in mind to pick a race. I rarely read the course description. So it's often a SURPRISE, this is the hardest race you can possibly choose! Ha ha!! For this one, I did some research because I want to be well prepared for Kona... Vichy will be my warm up race before the Kona celebration. And if I don't get in to Kona this year, then I'm going to focus on making Vichy my best race yet!! Who's in with me!?

Day Five, Puppy Love:
A 7 day photo challenge is nothing without the love of my life. This photo was actually funny because it was bed time and as you can see Jake has taken over my bed. Funny not funny... but irresistible. He's literally a slug in mud when trying to get off my bed *eye roll*

Day Six, Lerici:
I finally got to the pool (in Lerici) today. I'll admit, this isn't my photo but it's exactly what's in my mind each time I think about Lerici. This and the clear blue sea. I didn't take a single photo today, can you even believe it!? So, courtesy of Google, this is Lerici. Please come visit!

Day Seven, Sushi w/the Ladies:
I'm really excited to have a group of friends that 1) love sushi ;) and 2) can understand me. We are all the American girls (most wives) of these Italian pilots. We literally left our entire lives, our comfort, of the U.S. to come here. No Italian, no friends, no idea of what was going to happen. And today we made sushi! While everyday, we make a life.