If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Two Weeks Full of Accountability and Living in Italy

Life isn't so easy in Italy, but it's a beautiful life. I wake up every morning feeling thankful and lucky. I'm challenged daily. Daily. But I'm learning to be more patient and understanding.
The most beautiful part of this new life, Luca makes me such a better person. His love for me (and Jake) is truly unwavering.

I'm 50% fluent in Italian (according to Duolingo). Honestly I can read and understand but speaking complete, grammatically correct sentences is my difficulty. Friends who have been here for years say it takes time. For being 8 months in, I feel pretty successful. I also go to a lesson 1-2 times a week.

I have made a few friends, mostly American girls that are here with their Italian husbands. We are all working on our Italian and getting comfortable in our new lives. A couple of us workout together everyday and I'm training one for a half marathon.
I've made a few triathlon girlfriends too that are fluent in both Italian and English. With the cold weather creeping in, we mostly get together for drinks or dinner vs. swim, bike, and runs. But that will change in the spring.
I'm also helping an Italian woman with her English. We meet weekly to chat and I review her (english) work projects to ensure grammar and text. It's really a great opportunity to get out and be a part of Italy.

It's not as easy to make Italian friends as it is to make Americans friends. Although most of the Italians I’ve met are warm and friendly and great fun to have dinner or drinks with, I am not so quickly allowed in their social circle or considered a friend.
I think it's just a matter of practice. It seems to me that many Americans move around a lot and/or are repeatedly faced with the need to make new friends or let others in. We have learned to get to know people quickly.
Most Italians spend their entire lives in the city of their birth, or nearby. Their time is spent with the same friends they've known their entire lives and/or family and they don't need to make new friends. Their circle is set. My advice (to both self and others) is be patient and understanding and always, open minded.

Monday, Nov 6 - work, errands, attempted swim but they were closing for the afternoon, english lesson w/Paola
Tuesday, Nov 7 - HIIT, day w/my lovey's, 1000meter swim (holy moly not swimming for almost 2 months was a really bad idea!!), dinner w/Italian friends.
Wednesday, Nov 8 - C25k run (6/1 for 35mins), plank challenge HIIT, sushi lunch, work
Thursday, Nov 9 - 2000m swim
Friday, Nov 10 - 2 miles to Sarzana + 8 miles w/Danielle (6/1:20) + 2 more
Saturday, Nov 11 - errands and home w/my guys
Sunday, Nov 12 - 1 hour bike ride!

Monday, Nov 13 - girls brunch so a quick Abs and Arms HIIT session followed by mimosa's and eggs.
Tuesday, Nov 14 - biked to (and from) D's house to grab a 32min (7/1) C25k run + HIIT (legs and booty).
Wednesday, Nov 15 - C25k run (8/1) for 36mins + HIIT (tough one!!) + 2,000m swim
Thursday, Nov 16 - kind of a lazy day followed with a sushi night. Sometimes we just need a day, right? And I wouldn't say lazy, I worked ALL day!!
Friday, Nov 16 - 9 mile run w/Danielle, date night with Luca
Saturday, Nov 17 - to Milan for nonna's 90th birthday. Turned into a very bad/sad weekend with continuous bouts of bad news and scares.
Sunday, Nov 18 - even though Luca took me to Lucca to distract me, the day went from bad to worse.