If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

It's Just Evil

There is no conspiracy. There was no second shooter.
There is no motive.
Gun control would not have prevented it.

It's just evil.

59 people were killed. 527 more were injured.
Instead of focusing on the horrific, disgusting, terrifying acts this one man placed on our world, let's focus on the victims...

A mother of two from West Virginia, a behavioral therapist recently engaged to be married, a brand new college nursing graduate, a Soldier taking a little bit of R&R, police officers, medics, students, mothers, brothers, fathers, sisters, INNOCENT FUCKING PEOPLE.

THIS is where our news coverage needs to be. This is why my heart breaks. This is why I'm angry.
Fuck the evil piece of shit that did this. He gets not a single moment more of my attention. May he lie in MISERY while the lives he took rest in peace and their families find peace and understanding in this tragedy.

Portraits of the victims.
More lives lost.