If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

HIIT, Firenze, and Luca Returns ~ Accountability

Monday - biked to and from, HIIT, C25k w/Danielle, teaching English
Tuesday - HIIT, Jake evaluation w/dog expert at shops (for AA case)
Wednesday - biked to and from, HIIT, C25k w/Danielle
Thursday - HIIT, Sarzana Market
Friday - C25k w/Danielle ~ 4 miles + 3.5 more miles solo
Saturday - Florence Exploration!!
Sunday - 1 hour on the trainer ~ Pyramid

It's honestly been a challenging week... Luca was gone for work and I've been dealing with some evaluations for the case w/American Airlines (yes, that's still going on). In fact, stay tuned, we'll be in the states soon. But I go from more busy than I can handle to complete boredom depression.

The nightmares continue. And you know what, I'm just pissed!! I can't write freely; I can't be me freely! I'm so paranoid of being judged and everything I say being evaluated, written down, used against me...  that I can't even be me. That's my fucking MOTTO! BE YOU.


Anyway, the highlight of the week was a day trip to Firenze (which you know as Florence) and Luca's return home.