If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!


Two weeks post Ironman Italy and what have I done ?! The first week... nothing. Not nothing nothing, but no swimming, biking, or running. Which is really hurting my heart but I think my body needed it... We also moved into a new place so I would call it active recovery...

The second week I've started a really fun HIIT Strength Training program. I started Monday solo and Danielle has joined me the rest of the week, "My butt has never hurt more in my life." ~Danielle
AHAHAHAHAHAAHA! I love it!! You know you're hitting it hard when you BOTH texted "I dropped my keys on the ground and wanted to kill myself."

Biking just 1.7 miles to downtown Sarzana (and back) every day, we've been meeting in a park in hopes of recruiting onlookers. I really want to start a From Couch to 5k program again and I love the idea of these short intense workout sessions. Tri Our Adventure always has the potential to grow and I just love working with new athletes so much.

So, there's this Olympic distance triathlon on Sunday that I'm really considering. Having not done anything triathlon for two weeks, maybe it's not such a great idea...but I can hardly resist!! It will probably be my final opportunity for the year. I haven't registered but my finger is on the button.
*update - registration is closed. We emailed the team and they told us the ref won't let me in. Ahh!!

Monday - HIIT
Tuesday - HIIT + biked to and from
Wednesday - HIIT + biked to and from
Thursday - HIIT + biked to and from
Friday - HIIT + 45min hike up and down a mountain side w/Luca and Jake
Saturday - rest, yard work, errands with my honey bunnies
Sunday - 30min run