If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Accountability ~ Running and HIIT

Monday, Oct 23 - biked to and from, C25k w/Danielle (2/1 for 30mins) up a hill, HIIT (legs and booty), teaching English, homemade sushi night w/my Italian Cookie.

Tuesday, Oct 24 - HIIT (arms and abs), learning Italian

Wednesday, Oct 25 - biked to and from, C25k w/Danielle and Kayla (3/1 for 36mins), HIIT (legs and booty, evening with my two main squeezes

Thursday, Oct 26 - biked to and from, HIIT (full body)

Friday, Oct 27 - longggg run. 7 miles to Sarzana and route recon, 5 miles w/Danielle (3run 1walk), 4 miles to finish it up ~ 16 miles total. Luca was home early and we headed to Milan for a family visit...

Saturday, Oct 28 - a rough morning; so tired! But great day with the Marcosano family. Long slow walk in the afternoon w/nonna and returned home.

Sunday, Oct 29 - Luca was on duty so I used the time to myself.

I'm itching to get in the water. I can't believe I've gone this long without swimming. I sure hope I remember how! I need to get back on a solid tri training schedule to ensure my 2018 is as I want it to be! (fingers crossed for Kona!).