If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Getting (cross)Fit

As my previous post stated, I started CrossFit with CrossFit 228. And now, here's where I hold myself accountable and share my journey...

Tuesday, Sept 20:
1 hour cycling on the spin bike (40mins with an instructor and 20min solo)
CrossFit WOD: 400m run + warm up + a bar bell thing that I don't know the correct term for yet, I'm new! 3 x 10 handstand pushups + 20 pull-ups + 400m run
My handstand pushups were off a box and ring pull ups. It will be all about proper form and technique for a while. Yay! I loved it!!

Wednesday, Sept 21:
Recovery/Welcome Back swim: 5 x 200. Yep, that's it.
1 hour cycling on the spin bike

Thursday, Sept 22:
I woke up ridiculously excited for another CF WOD today. I can't even believe I'm saying that!!
But first, a swim... 8 x 300meter as 300swim, 300kick, 300pull, 1500 continuous
CrossFit WOD: warm up + 500m row + 400m run + 40 pushup x 4. TIMES FOUR!! We did that 4 times. And we had 10mins to do it in before the next set. So however long it took me to do it, the rest was the rest of time before the next 10mins. I thought for sure each would take me 8-9mins but the first 3 took me 6:25 and the final one took 6:55. PHEW! It was crazy hot and really a good workout. I loved it!!

Friday, Sept 23:
Rest Day, truly sore from yesterday's WOD
worked at RNT

Saturday, Sept 24:
1 hour on the bike trainer
worked at RNT

Sunday, Sept 25:
Rest and Travel