If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Always Thinking...

I was swimming this morning and thinking...

I was thinking about how we get so caught up in a routine or how we do something that we get scared to try anything different. And super simple things, I'm not talking about major life decisions! I'm talking about trying a new stroke or moving your bike seat a little. Or even tasting a food you've never had or going somewhere you've never been. How about just switching up your shower routine? SIMPLE stuff!

And what sparked this was I have always been a right side breather (swimming). I know HOW to bilaterally breath, it's just not super comfortable so I practice it enough to know it but continue my right side breathing. So I got to thinking, have I ever just swam left side breathing? So I did!! And you know what, I was okay!! It felt different but got more comfortable with each lap. And I ended up doing the majority of my 30 minute swim breathing on my left side. Hooray!!

Maybe in being resistant to change, we miss opportunities. Maybe I'll be a stronger swimmer breathing on my left side! Or maybe I can become extremely proficient in bilateral swimming and get really efficient! And I could have been here a long time ago had I just TRIED it.

Example 2, an athlete of mine felt a bit uncomfortable on her bike this weekend. We get so afraid to "mess" with anything or change anything so we keep on biking. I tweaked her seat position and BOOM, more comfort.

I wonder if this "messing with" and fear or resistance to change seeps into other areas of our life. And I think YES! "Studies suggest we fear an unknown outcome more than we do a known bad one." What if's start their assault. What if I don't like it? What if I can't do it? What if it's dangerous? What if I get hurt? What if ... What if ... What if ...
But WHAT IF it changes everything for the BETTER!? What if it's the start of an amazing adventure? What if it's the best day/feeling/idea of your life!?

Example 3 and 4, your route to work is probably the same every single day. It's probably the quickest or shortest route ~ the path of least resistance. How often do you take the other route? Try a new route? Experience new sites? What are you making for dinner tonight? A favorite? A common easy dish? When's the last time you followed through with that delicious looking Pinterest recipe? Simple stuff to TRY.

If you never TRI, you'll never know!! <--- that happens to be a motto I established for this blog (or rather, this adventurous life of mine). Obviously it's a play on words for/with triathlon, but the point is the same, if you never TRY, you'll never know.

So, thinking leads to more thinking and this is what I think...

1 - Be brave enough to try something new. Take a deep breath and jump; I do it all the time. Sometimes I do it just to get out of bed in the morning. Do not hold yourself back with fear.

2 - Change your thinking about trying something new. Instead of "What if... (something bad)" think, what if this is the most amazing XX ever!? What if I LOVE this!? What if this is IT?! Be excited.

3 - Don't be complacent. Or boring. Sure, routine is important; live your life productively! But challenge yourself! Challenge your environment. Challenge your comfort zone!

4 - Be a better you. Trying something new encourages growth. An opportunity to open your mind or educate your soul. Why not take that leap of exploration and discover more you?

I'll admit, I need the reminder, DO IT, JUMP, GO! I push myself when I can and secretly beg others to push me when I can't <--- a gentle reminder *SHOVE*

It's in the spirit of self-improvement, enlightenment, and you know what else? HAPPINESS.