If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

2 Weeks to IMWI


Sunday, Aug 28 - finally a good workout!! Biked 82.65 miles with Team TOA. I was nervous, I'll admit it. I had NO idea how I would feel/not feel/survive... And it turned out GREAT! Started our first 3 hour loop with Robin, Jessie, John, Cindy, and Tracy. We finished 55 miles in about 3:25. The weather was perfect; overcast and low wind. The second loop was Robin and Jessie and we picked up Amanda for 25 more Stone County hill miles. The wind had picked up a little bit but still overcast and not too hot at all. I'm very pleased with our finish and besides a long run this week, will go right into taper...
BIKE ~ 83 miles

Monday, Aug 29 - short swim this morning!! 1000m. Actually needed 1400 but I got caught up chatting with the lifeguard and ran out of time!! So did that and then hit a 25min back and bi workout. Light abs too.
SWIM ~ 1000m
STRENGTH ~ Back and Bi's

Tuesday, Aug 30 - up and to the gym for a wu + chest and tri workout (43 mins) + 30 mins on the spin bike before work. Light abs too.
SPIN BIKE ~ 30mins
STRENGTH ~ Chest and Tri's

Wednesday, Aug 31 - jumping jacks + shoulders and legs workout (48 mins). Light abs too. Back to the gym in the p.m. for a spin and brick run. I just felt like I needed more today.
STRENGTH ~ Shoulders and Legs
SPIN BIKE ~ 45mins
BRICK RUN ~ 1mile

Thursday, Sept 1 - spent the morning and most of the day at Dauphin Island and Mobile preparing for Tri the Gulf. No workouts. Which is kinda good, I can barely move my arms!!

Friday, Sept 2 - worked at the shop today. Another day of rest after the intense strength workouts all week. Holy sore!!

Saturday, Sept 3 - an early morning at Gulf Islands Water Park for a water obstacle course with B.E. Fit and CrossFit 228. Then to the shop to work...

I am feeling so not ready for IMWI. But in reality, I probably am. I felt strong on my last long bike. I haven't gotten another long run... but I might still try to get 90mins tomorrow or Monday. Just fingers crossed for a good race and send all that good energy into the universe!!