If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Snot and Wind


I'm 30, I need my mom, and there's a tornado brewing...

Oh wait, I'm 35. Geesh!

I've gone through one full double tissue roll blowing my nose. My nose is raw. My immune system is one tough bitch but the bug has finally caught up. I still won't admit it, I'm sick. I'm not 'body aching fever can't function' sick, I'm just nose won't stop running, itchy watery eyes, chest and painful cough sick. Bronchitis like. UGH! What is happening!? And where the hell does all this snot keep coming from!? Seriously! I'm certain I'll be blowing my nose until the end of time at this point. Sneezing is like an explosion of relief but why can't I just sneeze and sneeze!? It's stuck! SNEEZE damn it!

Did I mention that the wind is trying to take us down over here?

Mom laughs, "I have two children in pain and I'm LOL".
And she ensures me that my RV won't blow over. Fingers crossed!

The good news, I think I'm all caught up on Redbox movies I wanted to see... Train Wreck, Vacation, Get Hard, and the Intern. The bad news is I'm pacing. But not really, because movement makes my nose run more... So I rest. With my new roll of toilet paper, my Tylenol Cold, my tea with honey and lemon, the wind roaring outside, and all this snot.

I have a marathon to run on Sunday. This is going to go away by then, right? If not, don't run behind me because I'll be slinging snot like a raging bull.
I got my monthly antibiotic shot yesterday so that's gonna kick it, right? Where my doctors at!?

So anyway. Here's my right now. Needing my momma, snotty, and riding out tornado warnings in an RV.

It's so hard to muster up positivity through snot and wind, but I think I got this! (insert muscle flex emoji). p.s. I read this post to Phil in my real life voice and he was cracking up. Maybe I need to do some video blogs so you can capture the true spirit of my life. Ha ha!