If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!


Okay, let's talk about how boring my daily life is and lame my training is.
My weekly accountability is supposed to be about BIG work BIG accomplishments making BIG magic. I'm flat.
Let's just be honest.
I don't think you could pay me to go to the pool lately. The last time I went I got beat up. And it yeah, it flatlined me. The sun in shining but the air is cold. Who wants to get on a bicycle freezing cold? And that might carry over to my run...

I absolutely HAVE to get my shit together.

Monday - in all fairness, today was the peak of my head cold and it was rough just moving. So, rest day.
Tuesday - a near 30min run and to the gym w/Luca. I worked hard at the gym. I did. 1 full hour.
Wednesday - I worked until near midnight last night so slept in a bit. Woke up to coffee and my book; I love my quiet free mornings. 2 mile run/walk with Jake at the Tenuta.
Thursday - my Luca was off work today and we got so much done! Most important though, gym and run!!
Friday - Happy Valentine's Day! Gym again. And a night with my love.
Saturday - 5k run with Luca, at home workout/stretching and what an afternoon followed by what a dinner. LOL - I'll tell you about it later (dinner with Italians).
Sunday - Happy Birthday to my brother in heaven. Biked for an hour outside.