If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Another boring week but Luca is home!!

Weekly Accountability
Monday, Jan 27, 2020 - up early for bloodwork (just checking thyroid and baby making numbers). Got that done and spent the day working - annual reports! Took a 1 hour break for a KickR session.
BIKE KickR 1 hour

Tuesday, Jan 28 - rainy morning. And darn it if I'm not down in the dumps again.
The weather doesn't help.
BIKE KickR 30 minutes

Weds, Jan 29 - 30min run is better than no run.
RUN 30mins

Thur, Jan 30 - raining again!! I at least got the house cleaned and the inside of the car for Luca. He returns tomorrow - CHEERING!!

Fri, Jan 31 - home workout (instead of swimming), final errands and clean up, and Luca came home! YAYYYYYY!!!

Sat, Feb 1 - 1 hour on the KickR this morning and a long walk with my Luca and Jake.
BIKE KickR 1 hour

Sun, Feb 2 - to Firenze for a 14km (which was actually a 15km) run. Holy hilly course!
RUN 9 miles

I didn't swim this week and now I'm feeling guilty. Getting beat up in the pool really decreases the desire to go. Grr. I miss the comfort of Troy Y pool.