If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Strictly Training: Weekly Accountability

Monday, Feb 3, 2020 - waking up to Luca kisses followed by Jake kisses are the best mornings!! Work today and doctor appointment tonight. In the middle - a great at home workout!

Tues, Feb 4 - to the gym with Luca today. We found a new place that is near the pool, it's decent, we took a month to see how it goes. I have to get some of this weight off! I've been up and down 5-10 pounds for months. I just want it gone for good! Plus we want abs ;)

Weds, Feb 5 - worked all morning and deserved a 3 mile run in the afternoon meeting Luca to go to the gym. Another tough workout once there.
RUN 3.2 miles

Thurs, Feb 6 - okay, good morning, but my arms are going to fall off. Holy biceps!! And so I'll get on the trainer for a 50min KickR session. I'm doing ABC's of TrainerRoad to explore the entire collection of workouts. I'm on H. F is my favorite - Free Ride! LOL! Later I walked to base and met Luca for some gym time. My biceps are so ridiculously sore that I took it easy and now I'm in the midst of anxiety and panic that I have rhabdo and I'm going to die. Good grief.
BIKE KickR 50mins

Friday, Feb 7 - was so sore today I said Basta. I gotta recover before carrying on. And plus, we had plenty of errands to get done... And can you believe it, we actually got plenty of errands done!

Saturday and Sunday were for family and friends. And even though we wanted to bike AND run we focused our time on others...