If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Back in the game! Well, sort of...

Remember how lame I was last week? I'm trying to change that. Back in the game batman!!


Monday, Feb 17 - Luca had duty last night so he's off today. We ran some errands and then straight to the pool. I managed 1,200 meters and then to the gym for a great strength session. We had lunch out - a new sushi joint - Yum!! A few more errands, and the afternoon/eve at home. Loving life.

Tues, Feb 18 - a rainy morning so delaying my run until this afternoon before the gym... Got 3 miles in before Luca picked me up for gym time. I worked hard, but wasn't feeling it either. Really busy today at the gym...

Weds, Feb 19 - okay, TMI, but I started my period last night (which aches {emotionally} in itself) but DAMN it's a tough one. I wanted to die today! And kind of thought I might. What in the for real fuck!? I've NEVER had bad periods. Lately PMS symptoms have been extreme and now day one too!? Needless to say, no workouts. I often feel like whenever I want to get "back in the game", I get knocked down.

Thurs, Feb 20 - feeling better this morning.
That didn't last long. BIG UGLY cry today.
But anyway, run w/Luca for 3.3 miles and ST session at the gym.


Fri, Feb 21 - and now it's time for a weekend triathlon... To the pool w/Luca for a 1,600m swim.


Sat, Feb 22 - good morning Montemarcello. We biked about 90mins but climbed big for a total of 20 miles. Later, Crazy Beers w/crazy friends.


Sun, Feb 23 - and now for a run. What we thought was a road run turned into a trail run. Up up and up through the olive orchards. It was magnificent! 5.5 miles and all the love w/my Luca

Okay, so 3 gym sessions, 2 swims, 1 bike, and 2 runs.
Less lame but I wouldn't quite say "back in the game"...
8 weeks to Cannes (if I decide to race it) and 26 to Kazakhstan.
It's been SO nice getting training sessions with my darling!!