If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

One Week in Oberammergau, Germany

I want to remind you that this is sort of like my diary.
I'm not bragging, or showcasing my "awesome life". I'm just writing...
I like to share my adventures because
1) my family and friends (which should/probably include you) all over the world read my stuff and they like to know what's up in life.
2) I want YOU to adventure too. You may or may not know this, but I suffer from severe anxiety and depression (PTSD related). When we are able to step outside of our comfort zone and experience something new, different, and/or strange, we are building a defense against anxiety and depression. I brave my world everyday w/confidence; sometimes I fall apart and sometimes I stand taller. Exploring, traveling, and sharing these adventures, in a hope for # 3 is part of my therapy.
3) I hope it inspires you or motivates you. Live life bold! and,
4) to show my children someday and/or for my own recollections *wink*

On with the show!!


Saturday, September 22, 2018
Today, we travel to Oberammergau, Germany. Guys, I promise I had to say it about 8,000 times before I got it. It's OBER-AMMER-GOW. And the drive took about 7 hours in bumper to bumper traffic so that means I said it 19 times a minute. Grueling. Me and the travel. HA HA HA!!
But we made it, checked into our hotel/apartment, ate a light -brought from home- dinner and slept

Sunday, September 23, 2018
With 12 miles on the schedule (Firenze Marathon, December) I found a half marathon for us to run.
It was only an hour away in Gmünd. Woohoo!! We woke up, ate a small breakfast, and headed to the race batman!! Luckily it didn't start until 10:30am so we "slept in".

The race was AMAZING beautiful! We ran around Lake Tegernsee (I'm still unsure of the correct pronunciation) - but it was a half marathon run dream venue. It was perfect. We ran completely around the lake, some parts in the forest, and a few hills. A super beautiful course until..
We were disappointed at the finish line because they were out of beer, medals, AND t-shirts. We literally had nothing to show from this race. Then we were pissed and it ruined our whole impression of the event. But I promised I'd stop bitching about it. So I'm letting it go. Angrily.

Back to Oberammergau. Luca checked in for his school, I worked, we rested, and dinner.
Authentic German - weinersnitchel. Holy moly how can a baby cow taste so dang good!? And dill pickle tasting potato salad. And huge tasty beers. I want to stay and live in Germany forever!

Monday, September 24, 2018
Luca started school and I woke up to rain. Dang it, today was "explore Oberammergau" day. So I did some grocery in hopes it would pass over. The rain eventually stopped and I started exploring.


This town is tiny but adorable!! I took tons of photos of buildings and houses; they're the cutest ever! Very traditional German design w/paintings on the outside! Why paint your house white when you can paint a fairytale on it!? I love it here! It was freezing ass cold but I totally love it here.

My favorite part I think, the church, Parish Church St. Peter and Paul. After another couple left, I had the church to myself. I had a real heart to heart chat with my brother. Or it was God. I'm not sure, but it felt like a mutual conversation. And the place was just stunning:

Tuesday, September 25, 2018
The Linderhof Castle won my heart today along with the story of King Ludwig II. A look into this fantasy castle reveals a man of great wonder, awe, and intrigue. He slept by day and lived during the night as a recluse, as a romantic and imaginative. His pronounced sense of sovereignty was already evident as a young boy and at only 18 he was crowned King. He built 3 amazing fairytale castles, Linderhof being his favorite.


At the ate of 40, he was declared unfit to rule by certified insanity. He was seized by Bavarian government and found dead 2 days later - suicide or murder - an eternal mystery.

I toured around the park for a little while before heading to Ettal to explore the Abbey and a cheese factory. An afternoon of shopping found me with a brand new coat and a pair of punk rock boots.

Later, mixed with good company, games, and Bavarian eats, we experienced Griesbräu, a brewery in Murnau. A private tour for our military group included 4 beers, beer liquor and dinner of crispy roasted pork knuckles, Spätzle, and red and white cabbage salad + a private tour of the brewery and a quick run through of how the beer is made using traditional Bavarian ingredients and processes. We definitely love the beers and food of Germany!


Wednesday, September 26, 2018
This morning I set out for Neuschwanstein Castle but anxiety got the best of me and I had to return home. Anxiety is a real cunt.
I spent a majority of the day locked in our apartment burying myself in work and trying not to feel the thick disappointment of my castle fail. Fortunately, I hooked the most caring, loving, understanding man on earth who rushed home after school, changed like Superman, and took me straight to the castle. The inside was closed, but we hiked the 40min climb in 15mins (no joke!!) and made it just in time to watch the sun set beyond the gorgeous, fantastical Neuschwanstein Castle that King Ludwig II called home. I fell in love all over again today.


Like true royalty, we filled our tummy's with Rose's weinersnitchel, Oktoberfest brews, and called it a night - satisfied.

Thursday, September 27, 2018
Up with Luca and to the gym. A full complete, HUGE gym and all to myself! Now I wish I would have been going here every morning. I was so excited, I did TWO workouts! With nothing on my "explore schedule" I spent the next few hours working. Gotta bring in that dough!


Took Jake for a long walk/play here ^ and went w/German/Mexican for dinner. It was pretty good - very American Mexican and they even made guac!

Friday, September 28, 2018
Today is Luca's final day of class and although we initially planned to stay tonight, we gotta hurry back to Italy for his next mission. I spent the morning packing and cleaning. And we hit the drive hard arriving home in about 7 hours. Pizza and sleep! We love or Italian pizza ;)

It's hard to believe how quick our week in Oberammergau went but we also really got plenty accomplished!! We've both been deemed "beer experts" and Luca completed his course.


Saturday, September 28, 2018 
While yesterday was our official final day in Germany we wanted to keep it going; Luca made weinersnitchel and we spent our hours together before his departure. Funny how I can spend a month straight with him, day in and day out (France to Greece to Balkans, home, and Germany) - and still I feel like it's never enough time ❤️

Germany was amazing. If you are going to be in the area (Munich, Germany or Innsbruck, Austria area), I highly recommend a day trip to Oberammergau. The town is so friendly, unique, adorable, and colorful. From castles to churches, hiking, skiing, shopping, and more - you can find adventure!!