If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

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Jamie David
We can cry, demand why, but life, goes by, in the blink of an eye.
He knew, cancer grew, you don’t get to choose.
There’s a man with a plan that we can’t understand. We just believe and we’re free in the extreme praying we aren’t deceived.

He lived his life with a sense of suspense, immensed in the nonsense of events.
and in the end, peace. He found. In the profound ground of being deceased. 
He wasn’t always okay, his mood blue and gray but he had faith and he was brave. And he knew his way.

I’ve always been worried that he didn’t quite find himself. That he shamed himself. And that life itself was a bit shit as well. 
But that’s not true, because I see his in you. What he grew, this wish he wanted to be true. 

His family was his everything, felt all the pain, knew all the shame, loved him just the same. He was brotherly, fatherly, a husband devotedly. How can we not live the same?

We all knew Jamie in a different way, we, heard the story-ies that he told, we, loved him with grace anyway. His truths were a bit iron, a little thin, but hardened and strengthened deep in him. Of course he was afraid, but he prayed and, he braved death with digni-tay. Do not cry he begged, celebrate me! We got you… in unicornity.

We remember silly moments from the past. Maybe when Jamie was being an ass, or having a blast, traveling in packs trying to discover a hunger for life with no strife and relax. 
His ways made us laugh. He’s a ninja in fact. 

Cozmoe Wicked Ninja, to be exact. His alibi. His disguise. His escape from rife. 
Heaven must have needed your fight more than life. As hard as that is for us, we trust, that our hearts were broken for heaven must get the best. 

We will grieve only shortly, for we believe you are free. Ready. Following the path that God laid for thee. We’ll fill your void with joy and glee and boy we’ll miss you. Til we’re with you. 
You are not dead instead, go ahead, rest here in our head. While you live in the love, up above, in memory.

It wasn’t pretty, what a pity, watching Jamie slip so quickly. Overnight. 
But what a sight when his eyes saw the light, I’m certain he met Christ! 
Devastating but all amazing and now I’m praising… 
Cancer won that battle                 
but Jamie won the fight.