Monday, March 5, 2018

To Kona or Not to Kona #accountability


Mon Feb 26 - Is this little booger a Johnson, or what!? One week in Ohio today (tonight)... Sure, training isn't the same, but I have been doing what I can!! Yesterday w/David and friends really helped!! This morning I was up and at it w/3,000 meters on the rower and a strength training session. Guess what? 48 hours to K Day!

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Tues Feb 27 - shot out for a one hour run. I haven't hit 10min miles in a long time but totally pulled it off today (w/1min walks). 5.6 miles in 60 minutes. I was thrilled about it!! And just had a really nice run; one of those days, ya know? The roads are beautiful out here, endless!
Cleaned up, got some work done, and headed to Troy with my mom. We ran errands, visited w/my grandparents, and jumped on Cheryl's mountain bikes. Holy  hard!! LOL! We rode around the farm for about 30mins reaching only 3.1 miles. Uhh, WoW! What a workout though! She let me borrow it so I'm kinda stoked to ride around this week!
BIKE (fat tire)

Weds Feb 28 - TODAY IS THE DAY! The announcement is supposed to come through at noon. I don't have the best feeling about it, but I have to be hopeful. Went to the Y for a workout. Couldn't quite get into my swim so called it at 650 and hit a strength training session.

And then I got the bad news. "Although, you were not selected for participation in the 2018 IRONMAN World Championship – I wanted to provide you with a confirmation that your application has been received. We are in the process of validating your registration and will provide you with your waitlist position as soon as possible." Last year, they added additional participants in March. There's still hope.


Thurs Mar 1 - a quick trip to Columbus to meet w/Tiffany for catch up and sushi. The cold Ohio air really stole my motivation today. I had full intentions of going to the pool but I got caught up working. And it was warm inside!! Excuses excuses, I know. I'm cutting myself some slack and calling it a ...

Fri Mar 2 - 2,500 meter swim at the Y today. Jamie started his immunotherapy today. Mom and I spent the day playing with Jake and Autumn. A glass of wine with April and Ashley to end the day.

Sat Mar 3 - it was so cold this morning but FB friends convinced me to go run. I did it. I'm really missing my bike. And boyfriend. And home. It wasn't a good day.


Sun Mar 4 - another down day ~ emotionally but Brittnie (my Floridian cousin) and her family arrived today. So that was a sweet reunion and a good fun night. I got a long walk in with Jake, but little else. I know I know, I'm missing structure and routine! A chat w/my honey really cheered me up too *HEARTS*

I think the hope for Kona has really bummed me out. This was a rough week.

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