If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Ohio, Family, and My Return to Italy #accountability


Monday Monday Monday - today is Monday. March 5th. And also my ONE YEAR anniversary of living in Italy. Which is kinda funny that I'm in America. Ha!!
With Brittnie in town and all that's going on, it was difficult to get up and out for a workout. Instead we were 150mph all day!! We got grandpa to and from his appointment. In case you haven't seen my FB post, my grandpa is not well. He's been to the ER 5 times in the last 7 days with the latest as a 911 call. Had to do it. There was a lot of blood. Looks like he's got some cancer going on; bladder and kidneys. I guess he was jealous of Jamie's so had to get his own? Funny not funny obviously. Scans and surgeries are already scheduled for this week. All I can say right now is it's a good thing the whole family is in town right now. We visited Jamie with some love and Wendy's burgers ~ hoping he kept them down!! And ended back up in Troy for an Italian dinner.

While there was no training today, my body and mind are exhausted.


Tuesday, March 6 - grabbed a mountain biking adventure on the family farm, short and sweet.
It's honestly all I had time for! Today/night was family day. We were able to get every single immediate family member in one state at the same time. Wow!! *HEARTS*
We're 4 generations strong. And this is probably the very last time we'll all be together like this.
Missing Great Aunt Ann and Uncle Brett (deceased) and my stepsister Brittany. Of course our family goes a bit beyond this with extended family, but this is Gma and Gpa's kids/family.

Anyway... I mountain biked today.
(mountain) BIKE

Wednesday, March 7 - we had a bit of a family emergency/crisis with grandpa last night leading into today. We also had a slumber party in the living room ^
Combined with last little time with Brittnie and family, I skipped my a.m. workout. We did however do some strength together and I'm still working on getting to the Y for a swim...


Thursday, March 8 - wow, another day! Up early to make sure grandpa was squared away. There was snow. And plenty of it! Had to shoot to Beavercreek for a dentist check up and cleaning, then to West Liberty to pick up mom, and back to Troy to find grandpa decided he wanted/needed to go to the hospital. ER #5 and this time they admitted him. We weren't going to let them not honestly. We just can't care for him here like they will. I did squeeze a 1300m swim at the Y before the dentist. Thank goodness because nothing else got accomplished! Well, a lot of stuff, but no other training.
short SWIM


Friday, March 9 - grandpa survived his first overnight stay at the hospital (in 88 years!). I had a ton of work piled up and got all that washed and folded. Took the mountain bike out with Jake. I'm freaking out a little bit with my training but I know I need to relax. I can get back on track when I get home. I feel like I'm always saying that. Ahh!!
(mountain) BIKE

Saturday, March 10 - we charged into Uncle Joe's house and cleaned like a boss!! My Aunt Ann died 4 years ago and neither he nor his home have been the same since. We threw away a sauce from 1998. Getting old sucks. Losing a wife of 50+ years sucks too. Grandpa got moved to SpringMeade, a care facility. Jamie is really sick; side effects from the immunotherapy (we hope). It feels like my family is crumbling to the ground and I'm packing my bags to return to Italy. Sigh.


Sunday, March 11 - a morning full of errands and visits. Finished packing. And got a plane. It was a hard decision ~ do I stay or do I go? Everyone has a heartbeat and mine was aching. I won't arrive until Monday afternoon...

Travel went well. We flew Columbus to Chicago, to Munich, to Pisa. My love was waiting. I slept so hard. In the car, on the couch, and finally to bed. This might be the first return to Italy that I slept so hard and might be all set with jet lag difficulties. Jake too! And, no flight/travel issues to speak of.

Next week, I am going to be patient with myself getting reorganized and finding my rhythm but at the same time, it's on like Donkey Kong!