If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

I Should Not Have Left #accountability

Monday March 12 - final travel from Ohio back to Italy. Since I traveled into the future, I arrived in Italy this afternoon. Back into the loving arms of my man. I slept in the car. I slept on the couch. I slept in bed. I slept slept slept. As did Jake. West to East is the toughest jet lag!

Tuesday March 13 - I took today as a "get your life together" day. I continued to rest and recover from jet lag. I got things put away and the house cleaned.

Wednesday March 14 - an easy training day with only a strength training session. I realized I left my Mac charger in Ohio so I met with a local friend Vanessa for a charge, lunch, and walk. Friends are so important. Later in the day, Jamie was taken to the James Center ER and admitted. I'm making travel arrangements to return...

Thursday March 15 - it's supposed to rain the rest of the weekend. I grabbed an easy 30min run and a strength training session. I got to talk to my brother tonight. He's super out of it, but no pain. That relieves my heart. We were putting the silly FB faces on and having a fun. I'm not feeling myself. Deep sadness.

Friday March 16 - hopped on the trainer for a 1 hour spin. I'm still not feeling myself. Luca took me to the pool and we got my swim card reinstated. But I didn't swim. I couldn't bear that much alone time in my head. Swimming is very mental for me.
BIKE (trainer)

Saturday, March 17 - Luca and I biked outside in between rain showers. 15.5 miles in 50 minutes. We got wet...but we got it in. I really enjoyed our time together and finally to bike outside.

Sunday, March 18 - this rain though. I wanted to go run but seriously, it rained and rained all freaking day! I'm pretty emotional today too. So maybe it's for the best. Gosh, I feel like my training is falling apart.

What a rough week.