If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Self Improvement Day 26

Day 26: Write Down 5 Things that Make You Happy

I think this task is SO important and you should all take 5mins to do the same! If you can't quickly name things, you are not living your life in enough happiness (with enough happiness? Or in!).

5 things that make me happy:
1) my Jake!! Nothing like that wagging tail of excitement every time I walk in the room. Whether I'm gone for 5 minutes or 5 hours, he loves me!! TRY being sad around Jake; impossible!

2) the fact that I found this amazing man (and the amazing man himself)! Luca is so protective and supportive (and beautiful ;). He's over in Italy right now making arrangements for me. FOR ME! I love this man. Not to mention how smart and talented and kind...
I could go on for hours.

3) finishing a workout. Feelings of confidence and accomplishment are very rewarding and that discipline of getting it done makes me happy (and proud).

4) traveling and exploring, learning new things, adventuring, creating memories. Get out of your house! Get out of you state or country! Go somewhere and EXPERIENCE life, don't just be alive. I have found true joy and happiness (and love) in my wanderlust.

5) YOUR accomplishments. Reading your successes, watching your children grow up, seeing you make magic, it makes me happy! I feel it's important to be happy for others, never jealous, never comparing, never envy, just proud and excited.
Life is a journey, not a competition. It was made for peace and love.

What a HAPPY start to my day, please do the same: 5 things that make you happy!!