If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

A Minor Break... Self-Improvement Day 19-20

I had to take a little break in my 30 days of Self Improvement because I was making things HAPPEN!! So let's catch up...

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Day 19: Go For a Walk. I did more than walk! I ran a marathon with Team TOA Elite. It was amazing!! 26.2 miles of sheer awesomeness.
The point is to get out and MOVE YOUR BOOTY!!

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Day 20: Turn Your Phone Off.
No worries, it died. LOLOLOL!!


But for real, I spent the entire day in New Orleans with Luca's family. Guys, they're amazing!! I feel like I can completely be myself and they are welcoming and loving.
So even if my phone was alive, I only wanted it to be taking pictures of our memories.
Turn your phone off and your heart on.

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