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Self Improvement Day 22

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Day 22: Write Down Your 5 Year Dream Plan

WHOA! That's a big one for me; I'm more of an in the moment kinda gal.
HOWEVER, since dating Luca, I have seen my future quite differently than I have in the past. But then again, that future is always dancing to a different tune...

Life, Language, Love: I am fluent in Italian and have a beautiful life in Italy (or where ever this adventure takes me). And happily in love; with myself and my beau.

Career: I am Coaching and maybe even offering some European training adventures to American triathletes. I have excelled in marketing and managing social media. I have established a race or two in Europe.

Creativity: I am going to write a book. Within this 5 years, it is published.

Body: I am strong, confident, and beautiful.

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Consider, what is YOUR 5 year dream plan? And speak as if it IS going to happen or it IS happening!