If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Wine Touring Sonoma County

Simi Winery - Healdsburg, CA, 1876
A quick flight before exploring the oldest continuously running winery in Sonoma County.

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Isabelle's Rose Garden (a rose bush planted for each of the non-prohibitionist President's of her time).

Now let's see the grape to wine process. Pressing machines and such...


The coolest part of the tour was actually NOT part of tour. Our guide Lisa (Lisa #4 btw) pointed out that Cindy was currently pouring Pinot Noir, and topping barrels. I was already gravitating to her. Without any reluctance she hands me the spout and was all, here top these barrels. And then poured us HUGE cups of our very own Pinot Noir straight from the mixing container. Oh YUMM! The wine will age in these barrels for 1-2 years.


To the cellars!!

Ruh Roh!!:

And now the aging room where there were hundreds and hundreds of barrels. Wine birthing center!

Deeper into the cellars, we meet Isabelle. She was the daughter of the winery's founder oh so many years ago. She was PASSIONATE about this winery and went to great lengths to protect it through prohibition. She was kind of rock star status in these parts.

Holy ginormous barrels! Isabelle once had a 25,000 gallon one (these are only 2,500 gallon)

And how about the actual CORK TREE !?

We were very impressed by the wine and the tour at Simi. It's truly a must stop. No other winery compares to this one (that we toured).

Wilson Winery - Healdsburg, CA, 1993
A gorgeous winery famous not only for their Zinfandel, but they are also the home to Burning Man's "Coyote" and Castaway's "Wilson". We brought our own lunch and enjoyed the breeze on the deck followed by a flight of delicious fresh wine.

Iron Horse Vineyards - Sebastopol, CA, 1976
The most beautiful winery on top of a hill surrounded by rolling hills of vineyards.

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I never knew I wanted to run through a vineyard!


Don't you just want to lick the computer screen!

The music was rocking, the sun was blazing down but a cool breeze was blowing, and guests were sipping wine with their pinkies to the sky. Good times Iron Horse.

Hook and Ladder Vineyards and Winery - Santa Rosa, CA, 1970
A last minute spontaneous stop and they were actually closed but let us in for a quick tasting anyway. I dedicate this one to my firefighter friends. That's their theme/passion. The wine was mediocre but their mission warms my heart and their hot sauce warmed my pallet!

Kendall Jackson Wine Estate and Gardens - Santa Rosa, CA, 1975
Our winery tours ended with Kendall Jackson on Tuesday. We had no more room for wine, but the grounds were beautiful with rose bushes and more vineyards to explore.