If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Pre-Birthday Day


Remember, I maintain some of these blog posts as memories for myself and just hope they bring some sort of entertainment to your life too.

I refused to drive on July 2nd (my actual birthday) so the 12 hours to Kansas has to happen on the 1st or the 3rd. The 3rd doesn't give me much time to get Jake comfortable and in a routine so I need to drive on the 1st. THAT means I needed to have birthday celebration with friends and family on June 30th. I feel weird celebrating my birthday days before and even in the month before my actual birthday. But I DO love my birthday so let's celebrate...

I started the day with a trip to the vet. Jake has been limping and it seems to have gotten worse. His elbow was a little out of whack so the doc fixed him up and sent us home with some anti-inflammatories. My poor baby ~ I feel so helpless.

Next order of business, long swim. Have I mentioned lately that I truly enjoy the swim these days? I'm always complimented that I have a nice stroke and I actually feel strong and fishlike in the water. I'm still nervous in open water, but I've come a long way!! 4000 meters done and headed out for a brick bike. I had to cut that short ~ I have this pinch in my neck and smh, I need my chiro!! So I got in an hour and called it a day.

So now it's my turn for the doc... Knowing that I was going to be gone all summer, I still had to find a way to get my shot. My MS doc had called the base here in OH and set me up with this doc who, guess what!?, happened to be my previous doc (and friend) Nick!! He took such great care of me, getting my shot all taken care of AND prepping me for my upcoming overseas trips with travel medicine. It was so super fun being able to see him and catch up right here in my hometown. And he made full bird Colonel <--- PROUD!!!

Now I needed pampered so I enjoyed a manicure and pedicure at Total Image Day Spa in Troy <-- the Aveda place. It was GREAT!! She took her time and was so enjoyable to chat with. I've never had a mani/pedi from a white girl. I don't mean to sound racist or anything cause I'm not, but I've only seen Asians doing it. I honestly felt like, are you allowed to be doing this!? But that was partly because she looked 15 years old. She was in her 20's though and said she graduated from Aveda Beauty School. Shrug - sounds legit! ;)

Party time!!
I've never had a surprise party so that was the theme. Inviting mostly family, I wanted LaPiazza (Italian) at 6pm. Someone bring a cake!! I realize and understand that most of the invitees couldn't make it. It's a Tuesday weeknight. It's completely fine! Who ever can, BE THERE!! And they were!! Stuffed full of bread and oil, spicy salad, spaghetti and meatballs, and pinot noir, I had a blast!! We laughed all night and Grandma was HILARIOUS! After dinner out comes not one but TWO cakes for my 35th birthday. "I couldn't NOT buy the pink one!" Mom is always right.

We played on the square for a little bit taking pictures and sharing a few more laughs.

Trish and Andy picked me up for some Hibachi fun after dinner (Trish I didn't get a single picture with you!! GRRR!!). No, I didn't eat again, but I wanted to hang out with my other family. Slightly intoxicated, mom and I joined them for dinner cracking up over the white guy Hibachi chef and helium photo booth (the most hilarious app ever in history).

Love these girls ^^ *hearts*

So, white Hibachi guy wasn't allowed to throw and play with eggs but he was quite entertaining with the fire and sent me a rice pile "cake" with a candle in it. So cute. Oh, and green tea ice cream is absolutely disgusting.

A super fun day and I feel happy and spoiled. A big thank you to everyone who shared in my celebration (momma, Gma, Gpa, Uncle Joe, Billy, Cheryl, Kathy and Mark, Brittany, Trish and Andy and the girls, Nick, the Y, Katie, the vet, and Aveda).

I feel like Ohio was a very successful trip and today I'm headed to Kansas!!