If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

How about some pictures?!

San Fran

My phone is full of gorgeous blue waters, mountains, and California fun. It's just selfish not to share it with you...

HOWEVER, uploading them to Flickr (which kinda takes forever) then copy and pasting each one (which definitely takes forever) is just so forever right now. SO... I've uploaded them to Facebook (thank you for instant photo love Facebook!!) and I'm sharing the albums with you here. You should be able to view them even if you're not on FB or not friends with me on FB...

Some albums have a lot, some have a few. Some pictures suck, some are great.
I hope you enjoy; I know I did!!!

San Francisco:

Driving the Pacific Coast:

Big Sur:

Missionary & Hindu Temple:

Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica: