If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Two Weeks of Accountability

Monday, May 18, 2020 - took advantage of a rest day to rest. I mean "rest" - I did a lot of things. But no running or biking. Have I mentioned how eager I am to resume swimming!?

Tuesday, May 19 - 1 hour on the KickR (free ride). It's so weird that sometimes I get on the trainer and I get a 20mph+ average and other times I get a 15-17mph average. Same effort. *shrug*
And I moved my kitchen table office into the actual office which is also the bike/training room slash guest room. There's a lot going on in here but I couldn't stand the kitchen table cluttered with work anymore. So my "pain cave" is now truly a pain cave AHAHAHAHA! Just kidding, I love my job!

Wednesday, May 20 - did not sleep at ALL! Super anxious for doctor appointment in Genova today. Need to run out some fear... very short run (all I had time for). And off to Genova.
We had lunch in Recco where they specialize in focaccia - but it's RECCO focaccia. Very thin, stuffed with cheese, and topped all gourmet style. It's not my favorite, honestly (texture), but the crispy edges are good. Had to work the rest of the night.

Thursday, May 21 - yay I slept!! Short hike and creek play with Jake today.

Friday, May 22 - 5 mile morning run + an arm workout. Luca's parents came down from Milan.

Saturday, May 23 - to Genova this morning for medical. Luca's parents decided to stay another night. YAY!!!
Sunday, May 24 - no training today - too much wine last night! Grrr!!

Monday, May 25 - to Genova again this morning. Later, 1 hour on the KickR. Had a super headache but definitely needed movement! Arm workout to follow. I have bat wings! *crying*
BIKE + arms

Tuesday, May 26 - 1 hour run for 5 miles w/an arm workout to follow.
RUN + arms

Wednesday, May 27 - to Genova again this morning for medical. No training. Ahh!! I feel terribly in every way when I don't get a training session in. Trying to cut myself some slack given these last days of medical treatments.

Thursday, May 28 - 1 hour run (final few mins walking cool down) 5 miles. An arm workout to follow.
RUN + arms

Friday, May 29 - to Turin for medical procedure.
Saturday, May 30 - medical procedure.
Sunday, May 31 - returned home. Even though today is Tri-A-Du day - I can't. Darn it.
No training all weekend. Back on the saddle tomorrow!