If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!



Monday, May 11, 2020 - rainy morning, on the KickR for a tough hour!! Warm up + 3 x 2mins hard then 3 x 1mins harder and 3 x 30secs hardest. Kicked my butt!! Worked and cleaned the rest of the day. The rain never did stop.

Tuesday, May 12 - more rain this morning. But looks like it's going to clear up. Luca has to fly this evening so I hope so!!! I wish I had some awesome adventures and exciting things to talk about everyday but I just don't. The boringness of life is sort of making me mental... And I'm not bored, actually, so this makes little sense. I think I'm just really missing traveling and going on adventures.
Anyway, an afternoon run - was way hotter than I thought it was gonna be.
RUN 4+ miles

Wednesday, May 13 - another run today.
RUN 5+ miles

Thursday, May 14 - how did I do nothing today? Well, not nothing - I did grocery and worked my ass off - 3 back to back meetings! But no training. Eek! Full weekend ahead, we'll call this:

Friday, May 15 - Thursday rubbed off on me. I think PMS is bringing me down...

Saturday, May 16 - enough was enough though!! VR6 today for 1.5km run + 20km bike + 5km run

Sunday, May 17 - what was going to be a casual bike to Boca di Magra for a short hike turned to a 10k tough hike! And casual bike back. 10 total miles biking (on cruiser bike).