If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Accountability and we planted a garden!


Monday, April 13, 2020 - short warm up run, near 2 miles (which counted towards the Santini challenge on IMVR). It's SO boring on this little back and forth stretch. I really don't know how I'm going to do another 'long' run on it... AHH!! After, a home strength session.
RUN + ST Session
Luca is home this week, "smart working". It doesn't feel very smart, but eh, whatever, he's home! It's not everyday that he surprises me with his creativity. I mean, I'm often surprised, by other grand characteristics but today he painted. Ha ha. I love it!! (see above VR medals!!). It's these little things in life that mean the most to me!


Tuesday, April 14 - finished off Santini challenge this morning with a 20km bike and 5k run.
A sunny day to follow. Considering the bad that exists outside of our gate, home is peace. Happiness.


Wednesday, April 15 - intentional REST DAY with pomegranate gin & tonics.


Thursday, April 16 - a really low depressed day. I went for a 45min walk. I didn't have the energy or desire for anything else. A cool thing happened in the sky though, a 22* halo. It's an optical phenomenon: light interacting with ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere. It's pretty common (more so than a rainbow) although I've never seen it before! I was mystified.

Friday, April 17 - we are able to go run. We have to stay within a couple kilometers from home <- this is the new directive. We have to go alone and avoid other humans. At least it's away from the back and forth!!!
RUN 6 miles
I like being out with Luca (even if he's way ahead of me or kicking my heels)... I feel safer and more confident. He's like my real life pepper spray. HA!


Saturday, April 18 - VR3 Run 1.5km + Bike 20km, a long walk (5km) to the garden shop, butcher, and prepping for Sunday fun...
Feeling myself again. I was super low Thursday and Friday. Also, very productive.


Sunday, April 19 - VR3 Run 5k to finish the VR3 challenge, Luca BBQ'd while I prepared Tri-A-Du stuff (details to come!!!), and we planted a garden! Oh and I baked cookies!

Our neighbor (who is also our landlord, well technically, his daughter is our landlord - she's who we pay rent - but the father and mother who own the land and house live next door). The old woman is a hag but the dad, Andrea, is very kind. He maintains this huge yard and field behind his house. And/but NEVER uses any of it. So we had mentioned that I wanted a garden. As he does every year, he prepared the field but then extra prepared these two rows for us!! I'm so excited.
In the garden: 16 tomatos, 5 peppers, 6 eggplant, 1 celery...
Also now have my own lemon tree, Gahanna's (African Daisies), Pope's Coin, basil (again), and a strawberry plant! Spring is in the air!!