If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

So what's been happening?

Not a lot has happened since my return home. I've been cleaning, it's been raining, and we've been running in between the showers. I'm also back on my KickR and hitting some ST sessions every other day. We've also been looking for a new place (only because 1 - mold and 2 - the Aurelia - too much to explain right now).

But that's not true either, because we've done PLENTY in the last two weeks including finally meeting Gina!, an accomplished athlete with Team TOA who lives only 90 minutes away! And a successful trip to IKEA (trust me, that's a huge accomplishment over here! LOL!). Not to mention, we now have a Crock Pot and I got a new phone - Huawei. Woo!! Super bad ass camera and super NOT expensive. Double Woo!!

Monday, Nov 4, 2019 - early morning 5k run w/Luca - we had to run before the rain! Followed that up with workout #1 strength training session. I love feeling strong!!

Tuesday, Nov 5 - work. Rain. And house hunting.

Wednesday, Nov 6 - I think it's going to rain forever. 30mins on the trainer + ST #2. More house hunting.

Thursday, Nov 7 - 1 hour, 5+ mile run. It's nice and cool this morning, cloudy and wet, but no rain. And then it rained. And didn't stop...

Friday, Nov 8 - holy crap guys, it's rained EVERY SINGLE DAY since I've been home. This is nuts!

Saturday, Nov 9 - quick jog w/Jake and ST #3. Luca had to fly today so Jake and I did house chores! Later, a 4 mile hike between rain showers!!

Sunday, Nov 10 - morning 5k w/Luca - terrible pain in right leg! I think it's the sciatica again. I need ART!!! Afternoon BBQ, laundry, scary movies, and cuddles w/my guy. He leaves tomorrow.