If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

From VETeran's Day to VET...


I will call today, Monday, Nov 11th both Veteran's Day AND organization day!! Luca gave me free range to organize all his little things (think junk drawer)... I'm know, I'm a nerd! Hey, my undergrad was Organizational Management!! But bigger than that, CHEERS to all my brothers and sisters in arms.

Tuesday, Nov 12 - 50+ mins on the trainer + ST Session #4.


Wednesday, Nov 13 - time to test the leg/butt issue from Sunday... 4 successful miles. I still feel it, but it's much better. Jake on the other hand, diarrhea and not eating. What's wrong with my baby!?
I'm spending my time working, cleaning (still), laundering all things in my home, and giving Jake all the love. Missing my Luca though!! Thankfully this isn't a long one.

Thursday, Nov 14 - my baby is still down, but I've got some Dia-Tab (anti-d meds). So we'll try that. I hit an hour on the KickR and ST Session #5.


Friday, Nov 15 - working all day, cleaning, and preparing dinner for my tri girls tonight!!
The evening unfolded well and Jake seemed to be back to himself...

Saturday, Nov 16 - nope! Up vomiting at 6am, it's vet time! Poo is clean, blood is questionable, so, ultrasound. There's a mass. A 2cm mass.
I can't breathe.
I cannot breathe.

Sunday, Nov 17 - I don't know how I will make it through this day with no news.
90mins on the trainer, 30mins running, and a fight with my boss :O
I'm not dealing very well today...
At least I've got this silly monster: