If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Back to Life... Back to Reality

Monday - what day is it!? I traveled on Friday afternoon, through the night, and arrived in Italy on Saturday late morning. My intent was to stay awake all day, fight the jet lag. It didn't happen. Not even a little bit! Saturday afternoon I was a dead slug. So was Jake. That means we woke up at 2:30am Sunday morning. I stopped fighting it. I just let jet lag do its thing.
RUN 3 miles

Today is Tuesday, not Monday, LOL! and I feel okay. I slept last night and woke up this morning. Time is still weird, but at least I SLEPT at night time. Ha! Busy cleaning, running errands, and getting things put away...

Wednesday, Oct 30 - YES! A normal night of sleep! A bottle of wine with dinner might have helped... Up and ready for an hour Run 5.4 miles - negative splits, WOO!

Good Thursday morning! And Happy Halloween!! We've reached rainy season here in Sarzana and so guess what? It's raining. It will pretty much rain for the next couple of months. That means a lot of great things for the environment but terrible for drying clothes, training and playing outdoors. Today/night Luca is on duty so no exciting spooky stuff for us. Just work, home, and chill. Maybe a scary movie later - probably not :O

Friday morning, Luca is off, and we're going to Prato to meet Gina and her husband Andrea. So exciting!!!... A beautiful day w/lunch, great company, and exploring Prato. After, we stopped at Ikea. Very exciting also to get an actual bookcase (we graduated from crates!!) and a gorgeous rug for our living room. p.s. it's still raining.

Errands filled our Saturday. We built our Ikea bookcase, went to the dump, continued to clean the house, laundry, oh and guess what? It's still raining!! POURING! Sunday we couldn't take the rain anymore and jumped on our trainers. 30mins before Luca's squeaking drove us MAD. Better than nothing! Got my new phone - YAY, a camera!!! And tomorrow morning we have a window to run...

Monday - 5k run! And then it rained more... Momma Mia RAIN!