If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Week 17 (of 20) Barcelona 70.3

GULP! Did I just read that right!? Week 17!? Holy moly, I need to start training!! Why does it always feel like we didn't (don't) do enough?! Now I'm in panic mode :O
AND - we have rain all week! I've had to rearrange my schedule to (hopefully) make all this work.
Big deals for the week: 12 mile run and 50 mile race pace bike

Monday, April 22, 2019 - sadly we said hello (we don't say goodbye, we say hello) to our Milan friends. What a beautifully FUN weekend!! Our Monday was then spent catching up and cuddling. We both have a FULL week of 'get stuff done' <-- 52 weeks of us challenge: no cursing!! 20 pushup penalty for naughty words.

Tuesday, April 23 - getting my cassette changed on the Wahoo (hopefully) and/so will (hopefully) get my first Zwift or RoadTrainer ride in... In the meantime, work work work and laundry!
They didn't finish until late evening so today was work and home tasks. (and RAIN!)

Wednesday, April 24 - more rain today but I have moved my Monday swim to today. Will try out my KickR too since I (read LUCA) finally figured out how to link it all. After all was said and done, 1 hour FTP test on the KickR and no swim. I still have Friday to swim!
BIKE (trainer) 1 hour

Thursday, April 25 - as soon as Luca came home from duty, we headed out for a bike supported 12 mile run. Luca biked, I ran. The last few km's really hurt, but I got it done! That should be maxed out for Barcelona 70.3 although I'm considering a half marathon near Firenze next week.
Gosh, we're so close to race day!! My belly just invited all the butterflies to come play!
RUN 12 miles

Friday, April 26 - since yesterday was a holiday, we've heard today is an off day for the pool staff and it's closed. I won't find out until it's time to open... So, here's hoping!!
It was closed. GRRRRR. I really screwed the pooch on my swim this week! Did a boatload of pushups instead - both for the upper body work and because I curse a lot (weekly challenge penalty).

Saturday, April 27 - from 40min to 30mins run because I had an emergency 'find a tree and give me LEAVES' moment. Good thing we were on some backroads. As Luca said, "always an adventure with my Lisa!" Later a hike and creek play w/the Jake.
RUN 3 miles + HIKE

I've decided, I'll be thrilled with a 7 hour race even 7.5 hours! And I'm going to get it together for Ohio 70.3. I was so determined to be crazy strong and fast for Barcelona. Weather, health, and you know, all the excuses that aren't even valid slowed me down.

Sunday, April 28 - out this morning for a 50 mile bike. Just short of actually, but right at 3 hours. It was very windy. And boring. I hate biking here so much. Just in case you didn't know. I'd like to see more like 17mph for race day but I'm accepting that my training wasn't ideal this go round'.
BIKE 48 miles

Weekly Totals:
0 swim
2 bike x 60 miles
2 run x 15 miles
I screwed up with the swim big time and the rain got me. Next week is a new week! Barcelona will get done no matter what, and I'm going to stay focused on the BIG goal: KONA!

The deep cough feels like it's coming back :O NOOOOO!!!!! Help!!!