If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Naked in the Locker Room


I have yet to understand the locker room nudity etiquette in this country!

When I first arrived to Italy and lived in Sicily for three months I was scolded for being naked in a women’s locker room shower. Seriously, the woman stood there wagging her finger at me spouting off 'who know's what'... bambini... nudo... costume... I was like OKAY, I get it, I understand, GO THE FUCK AWAY SO I CAN GET DRESSED. She just kept standing there ~ at this point with her hands on her hips. Are you going to keep watching me!? VA VIA!! (go away)
Although no one witnessed the encounter, it was humiliating.

I bet you're thinking the same thing as I was back then, what the for real hell!? I'm in a women's locker room shower... am I supposed to be showering with my clothes on!? Apparently yes. In my bathing suit. And especially if there are kids near. (there were no kids in the shower, I was in there by myself, btw).

Now, fast forward several months and we're spending our summer on the beaches of Liguria and Tuscany. Looking around I'm seeing mostly naked kids and half naked men and women running around, sunbathing, and making out. I've literally seen a dozen or more people publicly changing from street clothes to bathing costumes. Shirt off, bra gone, pants down.
But still, in the women’s locker rooms I am covering myself to change or hiding in the toilet to peel off my wet bathing suit.

I bet you're thinking the same thing as me again, what the for real hell!? I thought Italians held this almighty progressive view on nudity!? Yeah, well, apparently not in swimming pool locker rooms.

But then, today, I enter the locker room from my swim and there’s 30 women standing around butt ass naked gossiping, drying, and dressing. I do not even understand!?
I am allowed to be naked or not allowed to be naked!?

Excuse me while I sneak into the toilet to peel off my wet bathing suit...