If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

February Has Arrived ... #accountability


Monday, Jan 29th - up early to take Luca to work. I actually went back to sleep for an hour before heading to the pool. A quick 1,600 meters w/drills and off to Kayla's for a HIIT session with her and Danielle. A realization, we NEED girlfriends for sanity. A few errands and headed home to work... 30 day countdown until we find out Legacy slots!!


Tuesday, Jan 30th - I had ridiculous nightmares all night!! I just wish I could sleep; peacefully. Later than scheduled, still grabbed an ab HIIT workout w/Kayla and Danielle and a 40min run. Yep, I'm dragging the girls back out with me. Trips to the states and cold weather had us down, but we're back!! We planned to go hike in Cinque Terre today but shit weather makes for shit photos so we skipped. But that's coming! Spent the afternoon cuddling w/my Jakey bean and working.


Wednesday, Jan 31st - met w/Danielle for a 40min (3 mile) run up the Fortress mountain add squats-o-fun before coming back down. Did I mention it rained on us all the way up!? Didn't stop our little photo shoot at the top though ;)

Thursday February 1st - can you even believe that's it's February!? It's my brother's birthday month. The month of love. Black history month. And almost 1 year since I moved to Italy. I am amazed how quickly time flies by.
February is bringing with it, a few challenges...
Fab Ab February (FAF)
And a journey of self-love and remembering what's important in my life. Being a better person, healthier, more positive. This one will be semi-private, personal. I might release it at the end of February... or when I have a better grasp on my position with it. For now, let's just say, TO KONA!

FAF speaks for itself. Wouldn't abs be amazing to have? I've always wanted them! ;)
Oh, and a push-up plank challenge. But there's no F's in that one. Except maybe for the ones that will come out of my mouth :O
We'll call today a PLANNING day.

Friday, Feb 2 - game on, as soon as I finish nursing this migraine. Day two. Ugh!
Despite, FAF done!


Saturday, Feb 3 - I need to be out running 90mins but this face, I'm a sucker! Luca and I hiked a 2 hour mountain instead w/the Jake. Similar muscles, just different impact. We all just wanted to be out. And together. Date night out with Luca ~ pizza and a movie. And that's perfectly okay with us *HEARTS*

Sunday, Feb 4 - oh my gosh it's so freezing cold this morning!! I had full intentions of going out climbing (on the bike). But it was just so cold. And then the rain came. So I guess it's good I didn't get half way up a mountain. 2 hours on the trainer instead. Athletes. Muffins. And my lovey's.
Life is good - To Kona!
BIKE (trainer)

*before publishing on Monday, I just realized yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday. See how much I don't care about football!? HA!!!