If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Ironman Italy Week 18

WHOA, we have this week, week 19, and race week. And by the end of race week, my lovey is going to be an IRONMAN! How exciting!!


Monday, Sept 4, 2017 - 4000 meter swim. YAY!! 2.5 miles. I always love knowing I've still got it. Had the lane to myself for nearly the whole swim too!! I was debating going for 2 hours just to see how far I could go today ~ yeah, was feeling that good. BUT... my shoulder was aching a bit. And I just didn't want to push it (another long ago injury that I rarely speak of).


Tuesday, Sept 5, 2017 - morning run w/squats and push-ups. I'm going to start incorporating more of these throughout my days. A nice chat with my brother later in the evening.


Wednesday, Sept 6, 2017 - morning (quick) bike before signing a new apartment contract. Only had time for 1 hour. Might pop on the trainer again later...
I didn't. But, I read on the beach while Luca got his swim in!!

Thursday, Sept 7, 2017 - biked to the pool (3 miles), swam 1,600m w/speed work, and biked home (3 miles). Jumped on the trainer for an hour to sweat.

Friday, Sept 8, 2017 - rest day, dinner date w/Luca

Saturday, Sept 9, 2017 - strong 2 hour run while Luca got his 3 hour run. 20k for me, 30k for him. BRAVO!! BRAVA!!

Sunday, Sept 10, 2017 - we attempted to get a 3 hour bike in but ugly weather had better ideas. We debated all morning about going and getting on the trainer. Finally we decided to go and got caught out in discomfort. It was silly to be out there. Neither of us were feeling it anyway so we came home. And minds full of 'things I need to get done' kept us off the trainer. We will be making this bike up...
attempted Bike (fail)