If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Ironman Italy Week 17

And from the chaos of Her soul there flowed Beauty

Monday, Aug 28, 2017 - rest day on purpose ;)


Tuesday, Aug 29, 2017 - Happy Birthday to my Jakey love!! He's 8 years old today; my sweet boy! I'm not sure I'd still be alive if not for picking this little guy out 8 years ago. And over these 8 years, his support, love, his need for me, and mine for him... we have survived.
Anyway, today was a rough day, emotionally. I won't go into details but I'm happy to report after pups support and a good training session with my honey bunny, all is well.
Bike to SWIM
Walk Jake RUN


Wednesday, Aug 30, 2017 - I woke up this morning w/Luca, got ready to run, and laid back down for 2 hours. I was SO sleepy. Nightmares kept me racing all night so I think I just needed a few more Z's. That means my run was already too hot and it turned into more of a walk. Doh!! Still, an hour done this morning. And a short bike home after dropping the car off for a/c repair.
Bike to home


Thursday, Aug 31, 2017 - more nightmares last night. These are getting so old. It feels like I get no rest sometimes. Despite, I had a full day of work and errands and met Michelle for a Coaching session. Later got on the trainer for a fun tempo ride. I rarely talk about it, but I have a leftover ankle injury from the military that I really felt today. It was also rainy weather...wonder if that has anything to do with it ???
BIKE (trainer)


Friday, Sept 1, 2017 - rainy morning!! Which is quite unusual... they seem far and few between around here (thankfully)... Texas and coast is drowning in hurricanes right now; feeling sad for the devastation, I will not complain of the few drops here.

Saturday, Sept 2, 2017 - 3 hours on the bike for me, 100 miles for Luca. YAY!! His first, longest bike ride. SO proud of him. It's a crazy windy day and he got up at 0500 to get it done AND dealt with a major mini meltdown from me at his half way point. Bravo my love!!

Sunday, Sept 3, 2017 - Luca was up so early again today to knock out a 2:15 run. He's been so committed and disciplined. I was up a bit later, got him off to work and went for my own run of 8 miles.

I had a decent training week but emotionally, I was a train wreck. Lots of ups and downs. I'm going to keep trying though, keep trying to be a better me. Keep trying to be stronger and confident and positive. I've got this *flexes muscles*