If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!


A new found difficulty in Italy... DOCTORS.

Finding a professional here is nothing like you can find in the states. 
Want a chiropractor in the states? There are at least 23 dozen ways to find one, his reviews, and a half a dozen friends that can speak of his work. And if you don't like him, there are 327 more to choose from. 

Here? Not quite the same. Perhaps in the bigger cities I'd have more luck, but please remember that I live in a tiny little village on the outskirts of a tiny little town of a tiny little city in the 'off the beaten path' of Italy. Not 'touristy Italy' where lots of people can speak English... but ITALIAN Italy. 
There's that language barrier again. 
Ohhh the ease of the U.S. is missed. 

I'm currently searching for a woman's health or family practitioner, mental health specialist, and a chiropractor and/or massage therapist. Googling the prospects of any of these leaves me more frustrated than not having any to begin with. 
After translating and narrowing the search, what remains is a list of ... I don't know how to describe ... it's like a list of promotional doctors not professionals. Like, are these people even real!? or more, Qualified!? Of course next, I'm asking my local friends who they recommend. While these too are few, the language difficulty remains. 

We found one doc who said I can bring a translator. Great! But weird too... imagine sitting through a private therapy session w/your boyfriend translating your deepest darkest fears and insecurities to a stranger. And then translating the medical and professional advice back. I bet none of this will get thrown around the dinner table later *eye roll* 

(I'm lucky to have a guy I love and trust, and nothing shitty to say about him to a therapist though ;)

I more want to discuss my daily anxiety and world stress that I carry around with me. I know, you're thinking, WHAT, you have this amazing traveling life what can you possibly be stressed about?! I promise you, even in the glitz and glamour, there's chaos and worry. In a different city, a whole different life, I'm still me inside my head and I still have shit going on.

The American Airlines lawsuit has reached a pivotal point and they are digging deep in my personal history and records. Feeling helpless and dreading the drudging up of my past, it's left me in a state of anxiety. Not good when I don't have the comfort of the VA or mental health professionals at my fingertips.

I stress about learning Italian and being more comfortable in the Italian culture. Being accepted, making friends, security. I stress about money and the future. I stress about Jake being happy and comfortable. I stress about training, weight management, happiness, my health! I stress about work, athletes, cooking, laundry... STRESS! Normal stress. Is it normal? Please tell me you stress about this ridiculous stuff too... now I'm stressing about stressing!! Oh momma mia!!

And now we're full circle, hence, why I'm looking for doctors... Ha!!