If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

On my mind...

Orlando is dealing with so much stress right now... the Grimmie shooting Friday, the massacre Sunday, and the alligator snatching Tuesday. These uncanny circumstances have left us all in shock and horror... and opinionated.

Too many lives have been shattered. Cut short by tragedy; unforeseen tragedy. Hearts are broken and support is being shared across the world! Unfortunately, fingers are also being pointed, criticism going viral, shaming, and even permits acquired to protest lifestyle.
We don't have to help spread the hate. Hating the haters is hate. Sharing the negativity is hate. Arguing the politics of each circumstance is hate. Destructive thinking is hate. Making a hateful comment or post, posting a controversial picture or article, propaganda... it's hate. And while it's easy to fall in a trap of hateful thinking in the wake of tragedy,  hatred is a false sense of strength.  It's a weapon for oppression. 

And we are teaching our children this! 

What is hate doing to make a change? To honor the lives lost? 
I've had enough of the hate. I've had enough of the political tug of war. 
I think we should take a break from the media, from the hate, and LOVE. 
Act in love, teach love, be love! Love your people around you, love yourself, spread kindness! 
Hold hands, hug, smile at one another, show compassion.