Friday, June 24, 2016

GOBA in a nutshell...


This is about my annual 350 mile bike trip in Ohio, GOBA (Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure).
We bike day to day to new cities and camp and just relax and have FUN!


Day 1: Hamilton to Eaton. 50 miles, 1,900 feet elevation gain. Holy hills! Ran a hard mile off the bike. Ran into friends from last year and made new friends!! Super excited for a fun week...

Day 2: Eaton to Oxford. 50 miles, 1,400 feet of elevation. Ridiculous headwind. Some serious climbs at the end. Very hot day, but very enjoyable riding with mom and friends.


Day 3: Optional Oxford loop. 50 miles, 2,000 feet of elevation. Heavy crosswind and more hills. The heat continues.


Day 4: 50 mile loop to Brookville + 52 mile optional loop for the century. 1,500 feet of elevation. Obviously took the option for 102 total miles. Hills in the a.m. followed by some head windy flats then a great tail wind, and a few more hills to bring us in. Jason and I pulled everyone all day. I was ridiculously impressed and wiped!
Celebratory dinner to close our day/night.
Hellacious storms to wake me at 3am (I've never been so scared!!!). My tent survived with only a busted pole; others weren't so lucky.

Day 5: 53 miles from Oxford to Miamisburg. Flat to rolling with about 1,200 feet of climbing. Caught a great tailwind a few times and cruised. Pulled most of the day.


Day 6: An easy optional day from Miamisburg to Dayton Air Force Museum. Mostly bike path. 43 miles. 750 feet of elevation gain. The guys wouldn't even let me pull. Explored the museum; ate downtown Dayton. Great relaxing day with my friends!!

Due to prior commitments, we had to pack up and leave GOBA a day early... SAD!!! 
Tomorrow would have been one more 50 mile ride. I'll run 3 hours instead...
Ended up running 2 and some change for 12 miles. I already miss my bike. And my friends...

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