If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Updates from Venice!


 The last time I left you with my first impressions of Venice and I was feeling the magic of what was to come. It's been almost 2 months now and besides a short stint away in Spain, we are feeling more official and living the Venetian life! I know my way around, I have my spots and my routes, I'm confident navigating the mazes, using the boat transportation, and we've even moved to a new apartment...

As you know, we moved here Sept 5th for 5 months while Luca attends a military course. Right away (Sept 12th), I was off to Alicante again. Don't worry, all of this Alicante, Spain stuff will be explained in time! I was there for two full weeks before meeting Luca back in Milan for Giulia and Giuseppe's wedding. I have to admit, getting on and off the island is quite the pain in the ass and takes multiple sources of transportation. To fly, we have to take a boat to the airport. To drive, we have to take a boat to the bus station, and then a bus to the car park. Yeah it sounds simple, but takes planning; particularly timing and, time. 

We had another quick blast of travel to Salerno for a friends wedding which included a 7 hour, 9 hour drive. That sucked. But was special to be a part of their day! Plus a weekend back to Sarzana after meeting Dean and Kathleen in Firenze for an afternoon (they arrived for a day tour off a cruise). The house needed us! My plants needed me! And we caught up with both Marco and Emma for a couple of hours. Yay friends!! Plus Andrea's wife passed away (the owners of our home) so we were able to share our condolences in person. It sort of feels like we're always on the go, right?! For us too. Do you remember last year when we were all locked down in our homes for months? Yeah, who else misses that!? *raises hand* Needless to say, we are becoming experts getting off and on the island.

Okay so back in Venice we realized that the military housing was not sustainable for us. We have a list of discomforts but primarily, I work on U.S. time and this happens to be the same time Luca arrives home and needs quiet study time. Living in ONE room, this was not doable. We felt a bit like sumo wrestlers in fight mode circling each other waiting for the other one to attack first. You know, pounding our feet, grunting... We really enjoy being married and enjoy being in one another's company so we needed a fix! 

Untitled design

Actual picture of us in our living room ^

So, we found an apartment! We got super lucky - it's in the same area (Castello) near Luca's work and away from the touristy part of Venice. It's big, multiple rooms so I can work in one while Luca is studying in another. It has a small, private garden/backyard area (pictured below) - which is SUPER unique for any home in Venice! for Jake. Plus, no stairs! It's up against the park and on a beautiful quiet street. Plus, when mom and Bob come in December, I feel good about them being here instead of renting an AirBNB for $3,000! We are HAPPY and so so comfortable. 


Now, this being found, and maybe you're thinking it too - gosh are they SO spoiled and self-indulgent to need an upgraded apartment!? - and I had this consideration as well! Am I being spoiled!? Do I have all these special needs that I can't suck up the military (free) housing for 5 simple months!? I lived in a tent for 15 months!? An RV for 4 years! But trust me, we weighed out pros and cons many times, on multiple levels, and from every perspective. And NO! We are not being spoiled. The fact is, that military housing is sustainable for 1 person. It's basically a 1 person dorm room. Sure, they're all about "bring your family" but only if you're prepared to sumo wrestle your partner for space and sleep on a sofa bed that, by the way, wasn't even a double. It was two single beds next to each other. Put Jake in the equation who at 70 pounds takes up his own bit of space and needs somewhere to sleep. Not to mention the two flights of concrete steps he had to make it up and down every time his twelve year old bladder needed to potty... 

Are you feeling me now? Not sustainable. 

So now, I'm comfortable. We're comfortable. ALL of us. (and just in case any haters are reading this, jealous that you're stuck in the shitty military accommodations and talking shit about my husband who not only works SERIOUSLY hard for his family but is willing to do WHATEVER it takes for our comfort and happiness, I cordially invite you over for a home cooked, big American brunch so you can choke on my bacon and eggs *two middle fingers raised high*. And p.s. we have a dual income household so what we pay monthly for our rent is basically none of your fucking business). My next order of business is to learn how to say all that correctly in Italian. Haaaa! 

I love exploring Venice and there's so much more to conquer. This is such a cool city. There are secret gems at every corner... I have an ever growing list of 'must see', 'must do'! But beyond the tourism, it's so impressive the amount of work that goes into daily sustainability. The boats transporting people, the workers on and off the island daily, repairs, even trash resources. It's just fun watching daily life. Now consider events. For example, the Venice marathon was this past weekend. They had to boat in all the "things" for the race - barriers, fences, ramps to go over bridges, tents and tables - EVERYthing for near 6,000 runners! Plus they closed the bridge and ran the 5k over. The manpower and materials necessary for an event like this!? I bet they have one super stressed race director!! But it all just works because everyone has their job, right? If one boat or one worker misses a beat, the efficiency shifts...  

Anyway, since we've been on the go every weekend and busy working through the week, we still have plenty to see and do! I promise more to come! SO MUCH MORE to come!! Plus, while I was in Sarzana I grabbed my BIG, fancy pants camera!! I can't wait to wander the city and take some beautiful shots to share with you!! I have an idea for a fun color series I want to do. If there's anything you want to see or do, let me know! I'll find it and share it! I'll take a walk or get some insider info for you. I hope our adventure is inspiring you to TRI something different too ;) *HUGS*!!