If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Acqua Alta Libreria

Alta Acqua Libreia

Acqua Alta Libreria in purpose, is a bookshop. In reality, it's an attraction that sells books, I think. A collection of books and things piled high, organized in chaos. It's "charm" attracts book lovers and site see'ers alike. There was a short line arriving but already, the walk was lined with post cards and prints from vintage to new for sale. Reasonable prices but the thrill to get in sort of drives you away from making any actual purchases. 


Once inside, it's tight and crowded. Thanks to covid, a strict one way. And again, thanks to the crowds doesn't give you the opportunity (or desire) to actually shop. Not to mention, the explosion of titles. Too much to look at but your eyes are drawn to the center where an actual full size gondola displays more titles. 


Another side room features a bathtub and more shelves piled high. Does anyone actually look through any of this to find a buy? I took Luca here in hopes of some cool vintage finds. It's so overwhelming though that, just no. Plus "traffic" keeps you moving. Although, I did get stuck on a pile of books titled "Book of Butts", "Book of Pussy", and "Book of Tits". Each featuring vintage pictures of *butts, *pussy, and *tits. Does putting porn between a hard cover class it up? I wish I would have taken a photo. Ha! 


The courtyard is perhaps the most Instagram notable corner of the entire place; likely how it got its fame. I mean, clearly, we had our photoshoot moment as well... But I was honestly a bit grossed out. These are REAL books - but they're rotting. They find themselves submerged in water and exposed to weather, you know, all the time. Books, paper, water... Mold? Yeast? Fungus? Kind of gross, right? But unique and obviously, Instagrammable. <-that's a word now, right!?


DSC_0213 2


Taking the steps for the view, I had to see what there was to see. A nice view of the canal for sure.


Back inside, moving with the flow of the crowd, you are suddenly in a side courtyard and then out of the store completely. More piles of weather exposed books - 1 getting ruined and 2 pretty gross - have become permanent walls and more opportunity for attraction rather than shopping.



I'm sort of stuck between impressed (but this may be only due to the fact that this place gets so much fame) and disgusted. But mostly I was just disappointed. Some might call this bookshop a must see, others a gem...I call it an odd tourist attraction. It's quirky, unique, for sure has its own character... Is it worth a find? If only for a stop at nearby SuSo for some gelato after, then yes!