If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Yes, a spoof letter, but valuable content...

Originally this was claimed to be a letter from Bill Gates. It's a spoof. <-- that means it's fake. This was NOT written by Bill Gates and most who published it have since taken it down. But I found it!
AND, I think there is some real value in the content so I'm sharing the message. My adds are in pink.
I guess we can say the author is anonymous...

What we can learn from the spread of the new Coronavirus

1. It reminds us that we are all equal regardless of culture, religion, profession, wealth or reputation. Compared to viruses, we are all equal. Maybe we should treat everyone the same.

If you don’t believe it, ask Tom Hanks, Prince Charles, or Kevin Durant
Not to mention, Li Wenliang, the Chinese doctor that tried to warn medics of the novel coronavirus. But you can't ask him because he died. 

2. It reminds us that we all have a deep connection. Individuals each have an impact on everyone.

It reminds us that the high walls of error that we have built do not matter because the virus is still running.

It also reminds us that although we are currently experiencing difficulties, more and more people will face life-long problems.

3. It reminds us that health is invaluable, but our lifestyle lags behind, eating unprocessed processed foods and drinking contaminated water.

If we continue to neglect health, the disease will eventually trap us.

I'm  not entirely on board with this one as I am a very healthy person, exercise regularly, and I eat well. I still got sick. 

4. It reminds us that life is short, mutual help is truly meaningful and helping the elderly and the patients we really should do.

Don’t waste your life buying toilet paper. <-- Ugh

5. It reminds us of how materialistic our society is. When it comes to problems, we only know its needs (food, water, medicine, and what we really need - love), and tens of thousands of luxury goods can’t help us.

6. It reminds us of the importance of being with family members and reminding us of how much time we have wasted.

It forces us to return home, reunite with our families and strengthen family ties.

7. It reminds us that work is not everything. Although we live for work, we do not live for work.

We really have to support each other, protect each other, and take advantage of each other. <-- I read this as not taking one another for granted, not actually using each other to our advantage. 

8. It reminds us of self-realization.

It reminds us that whether you think you are great or really great, viruses can paralyze our world.

9. It reminds us that the power of free will is in our hands.

We can choose to cooperate, support, share, give and help each other. We can also choose to be interested in ourselves and only care about ourselves behind closed doors.

10. It reminds us that we can wait patiently and nervously.

We can be sensible and understand that there have been times like these and disasters will eventually pass. Or we may panic and preach to the end of the world, but this is ultimately harmful.

11. It reminds us that this is both the end and the beginning of a new point.

It can be a period of reflection and understanding, and we can learn from our mistakes. It can also be the starting point of a cycle, and we can only break this cycle if we can actually take it from it.

12. It reminds us that our planet is sick.

It reminds us that we should face the seriousness of deforestation, as well as when we value the speed at which toilet paper disappears. We are sick in our home because of inequality. <-- Huh?

I think the pause is great for the environment and infrastructure. It's devastating to the economy, obviously but it really is, in my opinion, a big giant reset for everything. We can make this an opportunity to restart with "green" minds, open minds, new ideas... perhaps minimize pollution, trash, waste... 

13. It reminds us that after dark the dawn will rise.

Life is cyclical, a phase in the cycle of human history that we go through.
We don’t need to panic. Everything will be a thing of the past.

14. People think the new coronavirus is a huge catastrophe, but I think it’s a “great fixer”.

I don't agree about it being a "fixer", this IS a huge catastrophe and it's scary and sad. 

The appearance of the new coronavirus epidemic reminds us of the important lessons we have apparently forgotten. It is still up to us to learn from the lessons.

I don't agree with this wholeheartedly but there is some valuable content and it's true, valuable lessons to be learned from this pandemic. This is the first time in my life that I have prayed big. 
I hope and pray that the world pulls through, lessons are learned, love is shared and felt. 
I pray we all find peace and when this is behind us, breathe new life.