If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Weekly Accountability in Quarantine - with pics!

With the coronavirus hopefully behind me, it's time to make sure I stay fit and healthy. At home. Bear in mind we are in complete lockdown/quarantine. Quite different than my friends' "quarantine" back in the states. I see y'all out biking and running... with friends!! Guys, that's against ALL rules here.

1) I am not ALLOWED to leave my house and 2) I really have zero reason to leave my house unless it's to do grocery or a medical visit. Therefore - every workout must be done at home and/or within 200 meters of my home. With that....


Saturday, March 21, 2020 - 50mins on the KickR (Jacks -2) + a HIIT session. Anyone else walking their dog every hour!?


Sunday, March 22, 2020 - 5k run back and forth at home + a HIIT session. Baking bread for the Sunday win!

Monday, March 23 - 30mins on the KickR (Kern -5) + a strength training session.


Tuesday, March 24 - 1 hour on the KickR (Lafayette -1) + T25 w/Luca (Speed 2.0). Hey Luca, smile. And he flexes. LMAO!


Wednesday, March 25 - 45mins on the KickR (Mills -4). Luca's on duty today/night so it'll be a work work work work kinda day... And I wasn't kidding about walking the Jake hourly. HA!


Thursday, March 26 - intentional REST DAY. Luca came off of duty and we're both kinda pooped. We shared some wine, pasta, binged on Netflix, and cuddled.


Friday, March 27 - back to the grind! 4.25 mile run (of course within 200 meters of home!). My loop is 600 meters total. I did that 10 times. Meanwhile Luca did it 13 times; he's faster than me. Later we hit the T25 for a RipT session.


Saturday, March 28 - 90mins on the trainer (Luca was outside while I was inside). Window scrubbing, patio scrubbing, bike scrubbing, and FaceTime with Ohio and Arizona.  What a productive day. And guys, THIS is quarantine. No friends. No adventures. No group activity. Just, home. Quarantine.


Sunday, March 29 - I haven't left my house in 21 days. Okay, I DID get bloodwork on the 11th and to the ER on the 14th. So technically I did leave my house. But it's not like I was out enjoying an adventure. Sigh...
Running the drive again, 4 loops for 2 miles before boredom got the best of me. Finished another mile with Jake before turning my attention to house chores w/Luca. Oh, and we got our hammock stand - SCORE!! (p.s. it was delivered on a SUNDAY!).