If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Another two weeks down - Down.

Monday, Feb 24 - we are nervous about straying far from the house with this coronavirus mess. I went to the grocery early in the morning and bunkered down... Our official rest day for the week.

Tuesday, Feb 25 - 1 hour at the gym. The quiet empty gym - WOO!

Wednesday, Feb 26 - over an hour at the gym w/run intervals between leg exercises.

Thursday, Feb 27 - 4 mile run today before the rain came. So glad I got that done.

Friday, Feb 28 - lunch swim with my love for 1,800 meters and an hour at the gym (chest)

Saturday and Sunday I wasn't feeling well - bad bad headache.
We had planned on biking and running but rain and drain brought us down.
We binge watched the Hill House Haunting Saturday and spent Sunday at Ikea. It's okay...

I'm not feeling confident about the Cannes race coming up. If I don't get it together, it won't happen. I need to feel strong and confident. I can't seem to feel free from this depression.
Next is a new week...

Monday, March 2 - big training plans on the menu for this week and what's up right away? Rain. 5 mile run delayed. At least got to the gym later in the morning for a back and bi's workout w/calisthenics in between.

Tuesday, Mar 3 - more rain and went to Camp Darby for some American grocery shopping. Let me just go ahead and get this cauliflower pizza with a side of turkey pepperoni *Italians roll over in their grave* AHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Wednesday, Mar 4 - to the gym batman w/3 miles run just before. I did all the abs. Will hate myself tomorrow... #DOMS Errands and work and a podcast interview to follow.

Thursday, Mar 5 - today I have to go see the doctor in Genoa. Needless to say - no training.

Friday, Mar 6 - leg day at the gym! And shoulders. I'm gonna hate the toilet tomorrow...

Saturday and Sunday - 5 mile run with Luca and a 37 mile bike with Luca, Emma, and Michelle.
Happy Women's Day!!