If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Move Your Ass!!

I totally lost a week in Ohio... while we were busy and managed plenty of "running around", I did absolutely no training and came home (I swear) 5 pounds heavier! AHHH!! So let's get moving again!

Tuesday, Dec 4 - welcome home. We arrived home this afternoon but we were so beat from travel that wine and pizza won our night. And we were out cold by 7pm. I do want to note here that even though I haven't officially tracked my mile per day these past days (Thursday-Tuesday, I've definitely gotten a mile each day in movement).

Wednesday, Dec 5 - 1 mile run to pick up Luca's car. Plenty to do today!! Grocery, errands, reorganize home and life, and some adoption work. Clearly moving into this training session slowly...

Thursday, Dec 6 - 33 sweaty minutes on the trainer + HIIT session + 1 mile run. The reorganization of life and work catch up continues.
I basically have three more weeks of pre-training before Barcelona 70.3 official training kicks off. This is probably the first time in several years that I've taken off a legit off-season. While it was needed, I feel like a sloth and I definitely put on some pounds. I'm happy though and feel fresh for a new cycle of training! I'm very dedicated to working hard for Barcelona (and completely stoked that it's a 70.3 and not a 140.6 ;) 3 hour bike rides are much easier to manage than 6!

Friday, Dec 7 - a little bit longer on the trainer today for 45 minutes followed by a short HIIT session + my 1 mile run/walk. Luca was on duty today/night so I took the opportunity to binge watch Netflix, clean the house, laundry, and baking. I am such a Betty Crocker, aren't I? LOL!!

Saturday, Dec 8 - 50 minutes on the trainer + HIIT and lots of playtime with Jake today. Dinner and drinks w/friends to follow and very silly night of dancing...

Sunday, Dec 9 - that led to us sleeping until so late; I'm embarrassed to say. And a very relaxing quiet day + yard work. Make your pizza night and Netflix to follow.

And another week here:

Monday, Dec 11 - 1 mile on the treadmill followed by a HIIT session at the gym.

Tuesday, Dec 12 - 45 minutes on the trainer followed by an arm strength training session.

Wednesday, Dec 13 - finally hit the pool up over here. 1,500m + 30min strength training session at the gym. I feel like they are treating me differently at the gym.

Thursday, Dec 14 - 30min run + arm strength training session (trying to work off these bat wings).

Friday, Dec 15 - late morning; hard to get started. I seriously lack motivation during the cold months.

Saturday, Dec 16 - 1 hour on the trainer, day with my boo, date night to follow.

Sunday, Dec 17 - 30mins on the trainer + quick strength training session.