If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Accountability - Barcelona 70.3 and Beyond

With 21 weeks to race day, I haven't committed to a plan yet, just getting moving and grooving again. Although, I feel I barely survived the week! (I think I'm having post U.S. depression)...

Monday, Dec 17 - 1 mile treadmill + ST session + 1 mile treadmill (all at gym)

Tuesday, Dec 18 - sent Luca off on another mission. Hopefully just a short one. 2,000 meter swim at the pool and a day of work and meetings.

Wednesday, Dec 19 - to the gym batman! Did a 40min treadmill run but every 10mins I got off and did intense strength training rounds... and then back on for next 10min run. Good times! The gym was full of goons... it was quite entertaining. They were all grunting and grrr and duhh'ing around one another, looking at a phone (I assume naked beefcake girls) in between their obnoxious weightlifting and 1 arm pushups.

Thursday, Dec 20 - a rainy morning didn't stop Jake and I from going to the tenuta for a 1 mile walk/play session. I need to go swim... I went to Sarzana instead for another 1 mile walk. Feeling blue.

Friday, Dec 21 - I'm really slacking this week! Woke up late and missed my blood work window. Ugh. And I just have no motivation. None! What's the deepest shade of blue one can be?!

Saturday, Dec 22 - I woke up with motivation; new drive. I need to make things happen! I want to live happy and positive and feel good about myself. And that means MOVING and GROOVING...
Despite light rain, I jumped outside for a 50min run. Ended a little early at 44mins with 4 miles. It was okay! I'm going to build my mileage back up appropriately (bum knee still). Following, jumped on the trainer for 30mins.

Sunday, Dec 23 - 90mins on the trainer, cooked and baked all day w/housework and actual work in between. Very ~all things happening~ kinda day! And tonight, my guy arrived home safely!! Life feels whole again *hearts*