If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Workout Work Workout Work

Say that title 5 times fast and that was my week! Throw in a little bit of Italian class and we truly  have a tongue twister. With Luca gone on a mission, my time was spent working, working out, and learning. And taking selfies with Jake 😉

Mon Oct 1 - we already discussed this obnoxious day!

Tues Oct 2 - 33min run w/Danielle. Nice and easy pace w/a climb to the Sarzana fortress. Italian class. Chores. And work. Later, Workout A (at home).

Weds Oct 3 - Workout A w/trainer at the gym. Quite more intense than my home version!
Workout A includes deadlift, military press, and back squats
(+10min warm up and then 10min HIIT session on bike thingy).
Like I said, my home modified version was way easier!

And we added a WOD after - timed: 30 knee to chest, 40 kettle bell chops (each arm), 40 step up and over w/kettlebells (20 each leg), 30 knee to chest. It took me 12.5 minutes.
I enjoyed it! I felt like a weak fatty, but I really enjoy being back in the gym, sweating, and working hard for what I want.

Thurs Oct 4 - 35min run w/Danielle today. Again, a nice and easy loop, a few rolling hills. Italian class. Later, a HIIT training session (anxiety glitch at the gym, ended up at home). And, work.

Fri, Oct 5 - another day full of working and a home workout.

See, life isn't always adventures exploring the world. Sometimes I'm just at home - working.
And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Over the weekend, a 7 mile run (before the rain) and I enjoyed lunch w/Jenna (who's MIL cooks an AMAZING lasagna!!!) and welcomed Mark to Italy. Mark is my brother's good buddy from way back to who knows when...
The Sunday before Jamie died he made Mark promise to come to Italy. He piggy backed on to an Oktoberfest tour and arrived Saturday evening... just in time for pizza!!

Sunday we hiked Cinque Terre touring all 5 of the breathtaking lands.

Monday feels like a lifetime away up there!! ^^^^