If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Italian, Gym, Work, and I dumped my Vespa - welcome to a new week!


A new week and I'm sorting through my life plan. Everybody's kitchen table looks like that👆🏼right!? It drive me nuts because it's not quite a mess, but there's just random stuff all over. Ahh!!

Today Italian class started back up. I was impressed of how much Italian I still know/remember. I mean, of course I keep the basics and everyday use but it's easy to lose when I'm not having day to day intense Italian conversations. And if you say "you and Luca should speak w/each other in Italian!" I'm gonna say, yeah, you and your husband/wife should speak to each other in Spanish! in my most sassy, mocking, eyes rolled voice possible. Luca is naturally fluent in English so it is comfortable for both of us. Why would we want to speak uncomfortably to one another in our own home? See my point? But yes, we do practice sessions often and speak Italianglish w/each other <-- that's one of those Lisa made up words.

So anyway, I was actually able to follow our teachers with little effort. That makes me happy!! I think we have to understand a language before we can properly speak it. So considering we've been traveling all summer, my understanding is still pretty okay, so I'm pumped.


Today also, I started up at my new gym. Thank the heavens, I finally found an awesome gym!! I'm going to be working with a personal trainer once a week + I have full access to cardio, weights, fitness classes, and CrossFit box. A man and his son own it; the son has studied in London so he knows English. How did I not find this gym already!?!? Well, I was training for my Ironman anyway, so in gym time would have been limited. But Paul is going to help get me started on a strength plan AND nutrition plan and get about 5 kilo's off this bod. Holla at yo girl!

Today is beginning my 40 hour work week too. My boss lady - the BIG boss lady (because I actually have 4. What's my deal with multi-bosses!? At RNT I had 3 boss men and now I have 4 boss ladies - I guess I need bossed. Ha!! But ironically, I work(ed) super independent of my bosses) <-- wrap your brain around that one! But yes, it's time to put more hours in...
Sitting still for longer than 2 hours at a time is a real pain in the butt. No for real, my piriformis is killing me!! But I do love my job and I'm learning a TON about backend website computer stuff and of course, adoption.


And the big deal of my day - because none of that is big enough, right? I totally dumped my Vespa. Listen, right off the bat let me say, it really wasn't a big deal. I was looking for the new school and turned down a wrong, dead end road. I had a tiny little area to turn around, on a hill, it was wet, and I was feeling rushed. I slipped and laid her down. But I mostly caught her - good thing I'm an Ironman, right!? And ultimately, just a little boo boo on a plastic piece.


I felt a strain on my lower back too and now, a few hours later, I'm sore in my lower back and hips. But no one is broken, nothing is broken, and now the "when" is behind me!

*update: by Tuesday morning I felt fine. I got back on the horse and hit up IT class and gym for round 2!!