If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

The Week

Monday Oct 22 - today was an interesting day. It was a down day, in many aspects. For one, I was down. And two, picked up my blood tests. I had my thyroid tested after a number of symptoms have been piling up. And it's true - my numbers are out of whack indicating hypothyroidism. I see an endocrinologist tomorrow...
Rest Day

Tuesday Oct 23 - we went to Lucca to run a beautiful trail I found. My goal was 16-18 miles in preparation for Firenze Marathon. I'm rethinking the full since our training hasn't been up to par. I'm giving myself one more long run try next weekend. But I still wasn't feeling myself anyway. I was desperately grumpy and irritable. Nothing was making me happy. It was hard to even find enjoyment in my run. I don't know if I'm having a spout of depression or if this medical concern has me trapped or if I'm going through sugar withdrawals. A lot is going on...

But alas, we met with an endocrinologist who confirmed my fear - I have hypothyroidism. I'm relieved to be able to explain some symptoms I've been experiencing but also unsettled at the idea of taking medication. For life. I've already been through this 'take medication for life thing' when I had rheumatic fever and was told I'd need an antibiotic shot every month for forever. Ironically the medical journal was updated to 5 years and/or at discretion of doctor and/or patient. The move to Italy put a stop to my monthly shots.
Run: 11 miles 

Wednesday Oct 24 - I started the medication this morning. Thyroxine. I take it first thing in the morning, liquid form, and must give it 30mins before having coffee (for absorption purposes ??). I've been reading (too much) about it and I'm a little nervous about possible side effects. I recognize that it's just my anxiety. Reading, people often feel better in only a week after starting the meds. Cool! I'm super okay with that!! Off to the gym!...

50, 40, 30, 20, 10 burpees, situps, and squats for time. Phew!! It took me 42 minutes. And that's after the trainer said, 30mins would be ideal. Oh boy; I've got some work to do! But I did it!! And quickly my anxiety wore off from the morning meds.

The rest of the day was spent working. Later we got news that once again, Luca will be sent out to sea. But this time, I'll be heading to the states!
HIIT w/trainer at Gym

Thursday Oct 25 - so by the way, after the first does of 'turn my metabolism back on' I felt like a lit fire ALL day yesterday. It was amazing!! I felt like myself again!! After just one dose! I promise!! Although, I was wide awake until after 11pm and wide awake again by 4am. Good grief.

Anyway, making plans for the states - Ohio and Arizona. Finding races and adventures! But mostly working today, waiting on my love to hit the gym...
CF WOD w/Luca at Gym

Friday Oct 26 - HIIT session at home in the a.m. between work sessions. Spent the afternoon w/my loves! Working, hanging, watching movies, walking...
HIIT at home

Saturday Oct 27 - rainy rainy weekend!! I wanted to bike outside but ended up on the trainer for an hour with a HIIT session. We spent the day working and watching old movies - think Misery, Driving Miss Daisy, and Planes Trains and Automobiles!!
Bike Trainer & HIIT at home

Sunday Oct 28 - another rainy day has us stuck inside. We managed a short walk w/Jake but never got a long run done. AHH!! Did a HIIT session at home and 20mins on the trainer (sprint intervals). Continuing to plan our trip to the states!
HIIT & short trainer

It wasn't a horrible week even though I'm used to much more endurance. I think I'm on the right path though and will start 70.3 training SOON!! Oh, and the meds are totally balancing me out! I feel so much better ALREADY.