If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Family, Chocolate, and 70.3

A weekend with the Marcosano Family (sans Giulia *sad face*) chilling in Marzamemi, exploring in Modica, and racing in Santa Croce Camerina...

Literally chilling! It was COLD when we got to Marzamemi!!


Modica, famous for its chocolate. Such unique chocolate too! Very dramatic medieval landscape.

IMG_2166 IMG_2179
IMG_21631000x700-Modica-Antica-Dolceria-Bonajuto-20150603-modicanoto2470_2297IMG_2172IMG_2165 IMG_2160 IMG_2150
70.3 Race in Santa Croce Camerina
IMG_2195 IMG_2197IMG_2210

Hanging out!
IMG_2212 IMG_2217 IMG_2237

When Life Gives You Lemons!!